Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cliche, Inc.

I will give you resources for the low, low price of 0 Resource per 1 Resource!*

* Plus shipping and handling, which should amount to approximately 10000 Resource.



03-10-2010 03:39:48 UTC

Best deal ever!  And by best, I mean best!  Best deal ever!

I’m not doing anything.


03-10-2010 11:33:41 UTC

Genial! Really, Genial!


03-10-2010 12:36:31 UTC

SO how about if I offer to trade 0 iron for 20,000 iron?

Minus shipping and handling, you have to pay me 10,000 iron…


03-10-2010 14:05:46 UTC

@lordcooper: No, because the shipping happens once per 1 Resource, so the total shipping is 200,000,000 Resource.