Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Proposal: Combo: A Rebirth

Timed out 6-0. Enacted by card.

Adminned at 28 Apr 2017 05:39:45 UTC

Add a new rule “Combos”

Anytime that an organ wants to do 5 or more actions within an hour they may choose in leui of doing all of those actions separately, which potentially causes confusion as to what is happening, to make a “Combo” blog post that cannot be edited after posting. The gamestate may be changed to reflect the results of the Combo once all of the actions are completed.

A Combo post is a numbered list of the actions taken, the first action is #1 each subsequent number of actions is increased by one. Each action and the portion of the gamestate changed from that action are kept on their own line. An Atomic action has lettering of it’s steps, refer to the example and note the curly braces vs the parenthesis.

Example Combo
1 [action one] ([gamestate before action] -> [gamestate after action])
2 [action two] ([gamestate before action] -> [gamestate after action])
3 [atomic action] {[gamestate before atomic action]}
3a [first atomic substep] ([gamestate before substep] -> [gamestate after substep])
3b [second atomic substep] ([gamestate before substep] -> [gamestate after substep]) {[gamestate after atomic action]}
4 [action four] ([gamestate before action] -> [gamestate after action])
etcetera . . .

If any actions require a die roll or other random event that is visible to the public, Managers must make those rolls before posting the combo with a note stating which step the roll is for and what action they are taking and the title of their Combo. Managers may not make multiple rolls in the GNDT for the same step. Managers cannot have two or more rolls in the GNDT with Combo titles that are different unless all but one of the Combo titles have been posted and include that roll.

Each action of a Combo happens in their own second, substeps of an Atomic Action happen all at the same second as the parent step. The first action happens at the time the Combo is posted.

So don’t make a Combo with 60 steps and then edit the gamestate right after posting.



04-26-2017 06:20:58 UTC

I suggest having the Combo blogpost be in addition to the Combo actions done as usual (via the GNDT/Wiki/etc), as a sort of additional notification/clarification for the sake of having everything recorded in the GNDT/Wiki/usual recording mediums. Other than that, looks good.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-26-2017 09:45:22 UTC

Could you explain to me the benefit of this? As to the GNDT rolls, what if that rules specifically states that the roll is “not necessarily in the GNDT”.


04-26-2017 11:25:04 UTC

@PSS: Early in last Dynasty I pulled a lot of “combos” because we had a lot of actions only limited by resources, not time (like “daily actions”), and it was possible to get resources to fuel actions with those same actions, so it was possible to “combo” and do a ridiculous amount of actions per day.

It was really hard to keep track of it all in the GNDT so I posted an entire explanation of each combo process I did into the version of the “group chat” we had then for the sake of clarity because people were getting lost.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-26-2017 11:45:05 UTC



04-26-2017 15:19:36 UTC

This seems unnecessary. Doesn’t the idea of an atomic action serve this purpose?


04-26-2017 16:15:31 UTC

No. This is to get documentation as to what happened. I could potentially go and do a lot of actions that affect the gamestate and not document what I’m doing. This provides people a form in which to document a large amount of actions so that other people can understand what exactly they did. The understanding serves to not slap the other player with a CfJ just because their actions were difficult to understand.

Atomic Actions force people to do a bunch of subactions in a step ASAP, but you don’t have to write them down or anything.


04-27-2017 15:43:04 UTC



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04-27-2017 17:13:52 UTC

[PSS] If a die roll isn’t in the GNDT then I’m assuming it’s a private roll, such as the rolls the Doctor did during the 20th Dynasty of Kevin. I don’t see a proposal passing that allows anyone to roll for something significant, but not have it in the GNDT since they could just lie.


04-27-2017 19:00:08 UTC


Oracular rufio:

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