Saturday, April 29, 2017

Proposal: Conference Stadiums & Cheerleading.

Timed out 5-1. Failed by card.

Adminned at 01 May 2017 15:16:42 UTC

Add to “Conferences”:

Each Conference has a Stadium, and when matches are played between two members of the same Conference, the match happens at that Conference’s Stadium.

Each Stadium has a Cheerleading Squad. Any Manager may pay $30,000 to change the their Conference’s Stadium’s Cheerleading Squad to another. All numerical effects Cheerleading Squads grant are split among the amount of Stadiums they’ve been assigned (For example, a Squad can provide up to a bonus of +4, and they’ve been assigned two Stadiums, they grant +2 instead). The Stadium’s Cheerleading Squads are tracked in the Blogger Roster, in its own special section.

The Squads available are the following:

- Stadium Mascots: Teams whose manager have an Image (an Image which isn’t “none”), gain +10 Power.
- Roman Slavewhippers: All revenue gained from the match is increased by 10%
- Hot Girls in Skimpy Clothing: Bloggers who go skimpy as well and play with no Tools gain +5 Power
- Daniel the Drum Guy: No effect whatsoever.
- Manly Policesquad of Manly Poses and Manliness: Remove all effects of PEDs and Roids from the Match and all Roids and PEDs of the match’s participants are set to zero.
- Manly Juicesquad of Manly Poses and Manliness: Double the Power bonus granted by Roids.
- Naughty Politicians: Right after the match, some new tax reform comes up, so all of the Bloggers which have played that match lose their Tools (the Tools are removed from play).

Change the list of hyphens there to bullets. Set each Stadium’s Cheerleading Squad to “Daniel the Drum Guy”

Giving conferences more meaning


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