Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Proposal: Costume Conservation

Self Killed by Card. Failed by Derrick

Adminned at 26 Oct 2017 14:42:39 UTC

Under Special House Rules add

The Addams: If a Trick-or-Treater requests candy in a spooky costume that they have not requested candy from the Addams in, the house fails that gullibility check.

Under Scaring change “besides Tricks and Costumes,” to “besides Tricks,” and change “The scarer may pick up any number of items” to “The scarer may pick up any number of items besides costumes”

Under Costumes add the text

Anytime a Trick-or-Treater changes Costumes they drop their current costume at the location they changed in unless it was the Human costume.



derrick: he/him

24-10-2017 18:57:14 UTC

I like the house rule, but the non-conservation of costumes was employed to keep this from being a grind, and to make costumes coveted items.

Also, even though you’ve dropped the costume, you haven’t restocked it, and so other’s can’t use it, so it just adds book keeping.

derrick: he/him

25-10-2017 11:58:54 UTC



25-10-2017 15:59:01 UTC


Darknight: he/him

26-10-2017 01:39:09 UTC