Monday, April 01, 2024

Criteria Change

I’ve realised that both of my last two criteria setting actions were invalid at the time they were performed, so I’ve rolled them back to their last legal values. This invalidates my Satisfaction claims on the last four photos but, I think, nothing else. It doesn’t change my response to Josh’s guess.

I now change my private criteria, revealing the five that were still legally in place at the time of posting:

  1. “Satisfies the text of my 54th secret key. 511” 5693089c9529914653aaa9115331cf337c24014b3d2563e648909f14183e182d
  2. “Satisfies the text of my 2nd secret key. 953” 7f1dfa8a85adfdc8881d2b0b7ec2737ea9f77df234e2cd25bbf9375642973cf7
  3. “Satisfies the text of my 29th secret key. 451” 6fd8222ea5cfd0a4002856b38b680fdb50c904b6ced58f7baaafa29f7d5549ca
  4. “Satisfies the text of my 4th secret key. 912” 04cdc91b436b3cd04efda5f85d9568f052c3b64ab407fc6b1f9184b135799a0f
  5. “Satisfies the text of my 853rd secret key. 271” a3754e08a42b66a54dfa5f3882092e36259f2ee23c1f7247d55f3c78d2bbcb9e

(The “secret keys” are numbered private notes that I have jotted down elsewhere, which I refer to when I need to determine whether or not a criterion has been met.)


JonathanDark: he/him

01-04-2024 18:29:50 UTC

The rule change requiring the revealing of old private criteria has been very interesting. Cheers to the new player NadNadvillus for introducing the idea.

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