Friday, April 28, 2017

Cuddlebeam versus Cuddlebeam

In an awe-inspiring match, Cuddlebeam’s 3 PuP’s have valiantly played against Cuddlebeam’s 3 PuP’s

The crowd goes wiiiild!

As per the GNDT rolls of a team of 30 Power against another of 30 Power: (DICE60:60 ,  DICE60:43 ,  DICE60:28 ,  DICE60:40 ,  DICE60:7 )

The result has been: 3-2, in a match which was 5 rounds long.

I have employed this rule:

As an action that may be taken at most once every two weeks, a manager may oversee a Bloggsball game between their team and a team of their choice, henceforth referred to as teams A and B, if both teams are full.

To play a match between my team and a team of my choice, and the team I’ve chosen for that is my own team.


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