Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cycle 11 resolution and Courthouse

Clucky influences the Council with 1 Marine and 1 Credit and the Rebels with 1 marine and now has 12 Credits, 3 Marines, 8 Power, and 3 Councilmen
Cpt_Koen now has 19 Credits
Josh influences the Bank with 5 Credits and the Courthouse with 4 Credits and now has 40 Credits and 2 Power
Kevan influences the Mob with 5 Credits and now has 50 Credits
Patrick now has 25 Credits and 0 Marines
Yonah influences the Legion with 7 Credits and the Watchtower with 5 Credits and now has 42 Credits, 1 Marine, and 7 Power

O Yez O Yez, So sayeth the Courthouse:

Here is a list of Institutions, each with the name of one player whom Direction to ignore for that Institution for that cycle.

The Mine (1): Josh
The Council (0): Kevan
The Slave Pits (6): Murphy
The Reactor (0): Galatea
The Black Market (0): Yonah
96189 Pygmalion (1): Clucky

The Mine, Slave Pits, Reactor, Black Market, Public, and 96189 Pygmalion were powered but not influenced.


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