Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cycle 17 Resolution

Cpt_Koen now has 20 Credits
Clucky influences the Black Market with 1 Marine and 15 Credits and now has 8 Credits and 6 Marines
Galatea now has 47 Credits
Josh influences the Mine with 1 Marine and 15 Credits, the Council with 7 Credits, and the Reactor with 4 Credits, and now has 58 Credits, 0 Marines, and 24 Power
Kevan influences the Legion with 8 Credits and now has 84 Credits and 1 Marine
Murphy now has 65 Credits
Patrick now has 53 Credits
Yonah now has 47 Credits


The Slave Pits, Public, Rebels, Watchtower, Pygmalion, Mob, and Fleet were powered but not influenced.


Clucky: he/him

12-05-2012 06:07:06 UTC

well don’t we all feel kinda foolish for not going after the fleet right about now…

Clucky: he/him

12-05-2012 06:10:10 UTC

also courthouse was disconnected, no?


12-05-2012 06:14:00 UTC

Oops, thought I had undone that…

Josh: Observer he/they

12-05-2012 09:26:42 UTC

The post says that Kevan spend 8 creds on the Legion, but the spreadsheet says 13. Which is correct?


12-05-2012 13:47:34 UTC

The spreadsheet is a list of what was legally directed by the players - the post refers to what the winning directions were at the point of influencing.


12-05-2012 21:12:34 UTC

The Legion was the target of a Slave Riot (check Cycles 15 and 16 results).
And the rule about the slave riot doesn’t do what I thought it does (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to have misunderstood it). So Kevan allocated 13 Credits to the Legion, then lost 5 Credits and his allocation was transformed into 8 Credits to the Legion, so he spend those 8 credits. So basically he influenced the Legion with 13 Credits. Well the Slave Riots are kind of inoffensive, eh :)
(Of course they still have some effect, for instance the Galatea directed 1 Marine & 1 Credit to the Legion during Cycle 15, paid 1 Marine because of the Slave Riots*, and its allocation was transformed into 1 Credit, and a bid of 11 Credit was not enough to win the auction.
But yeah, the Slave Pits are way less powerful than I thought they were. I would have expected Kevan to lose 5 Credits, then pay 13 more Credits to Influence the Legion, not spend 5 Credits, then 13-5.
Well, that is, if we interpret them as south did. Personally I would think that “removing Credits from an allocation” would make the victim unable to fulfill the Direction.
* Why did the Galatea paid 1 Marine and not 1 Credit seems pretty arbitrary; the ruleset does not specify how to choose between “1 Marine” and “up to 5 Credits” when the victim of the Slave Riots Directed both Marines and Credits.

Also, let it be sad that the sentence
“First, each Institution is Resolved in the order that they are defined in the Ruleset. If a Player does not have sufficient resources to fulfill the direction for that cycle, their direction is ignored.”
has never made much sense to me anyway. If someone loses resources as the result of Influencing Institutions (for instance spending Credits in the Black Market), and subsequently have not enough resources to fulfill their Direction, then that Direction is ignored, which means they cannot have Influenced any Institution (except maybe via the Fleet), so they did not lose their resources (for instance they did not Influenced the Black Market because their Direction was ignored, so they did not spend Credits to hire Marines), which may well mean that they do have sufficient resources to fulfill their Direction. Paradox.


12-05-2012 22:41:46 UTC

Welp, there goes my marine lock. I was away from internet this past week. Totally worth it, but now I have some damage control to do.