Friday, March 09, 2018

Proposal: Decorations v2

self killed failed by card

Adminned at 09 Mar 2018 22:02:12 UTC

Add a new active special case rule, “Decorations”:

Decorations are tracked at Decorations. This page is considered to be Gamestate.

If any changes have been made to the page since this proposal, revert the page to its state at the time of this proposal.

Add to the Decorations page a decoration called “I voted”, with the image and description “For voting Decorations into existence” and Award it to everyone who votes FOR this proposal.

Now that we’re not in hiatus. Bonus: more people are unidle and get a say



03-09-2018 12:02:07 UTC

I find “Cratemaster” and such redundant. I agree with the rest of the proposal though.


03-09-2018 12:11:22 UTC

The page being Gamestate and being reset are both actually already covered (“All GNDT columns that the Dynastic Rules explicitly mention are assumed to be Gamestate, as are all Wiki Pages that the Dynastic Rules explicitly mention” ... “If a wiki page becomes gamestate as a result of a proposal enacting, that page shall - unless otherwise specified - be reverted to whatever state it was in at the time of that proposal’s submission”).

The rule-style text at the top of the wiki page (particularly “Each human may be Awarded each Decoration up to once.”) should really be in the rule here, shouldn’t it? Text in gamestate isn’t binding.


03-09-2018 14:21:10 UTC



03-09-2018 16:06:22 UTC

A trophy system !
I would vote for but as Kevan said, the text on the page should be rule text. so against  (but arrow  arrow)


03-09-2018 17:33:48 UTC



03-09-2018 17:38:59 UTC

I’d be interested in knowing if againsts are against the concept or against the implementation so I know whether it’s worth reproposing


03-09-2018 17:56:44 UTC

I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. One one hand it might help to retain certain types of players who play games for achievements on the other people eventually might want to hit the proposal button too often to award frivolous achievements. I’d probably go with it and then repeal if it becomes too much of a hassle, like the Combos rule.


03-09-2018 20:50:27 UTC

I like it but I see the potential abuse card pointed out. I say lets try it and see what it brings. Maybe we could limit it to at most two per dynasty (including the one for achieving victory) ?


03-09-2018 21:52:34 UTC

against s/k