Thursday, October 23, 2014

Decouple Position from Shirt v2

Amend rule 2.3, "The Number of Players", by replacing "Shirt" with "Position".

Amend rule 2.4, "The Players' Equipment", to read:

Each Player wears a Shirt with a single number from zero to 99, the number being tracked in the GNDT field “Shirt” and defaulting to zero. If a Player is wearing a zero Shirt, they may change it at any time. No two Players may wear the same Shirt, unless they are wearing zero Shirts.

The Coach may also wear a Shirt with a number that is either zero, or 100 plus a number a Player might have; the Coach may change their Shirt at any time.

Remove the first paragraph of rule 2.11, "Offside".

Amend rule 2.1, "The Field of Play", to read:

Players may have Positions on the Field, tracked in the GNDT. By default a Player has no Position. If a Player has no Position, they may change their Position at any time.

The Coach may also have a Position, which they may change at any time.

Positions are ordered relative to each other and are associated with a Side. The Sides are Defensive and Offensive. The Positions, in order, with their Sides, are:

  1. Goalkeeper (Defensive)
  2. Defense (Defensive)
  3. Midfield (Offensive)
  4. Offense (Offensive)

Two Positions are Adjacent if they occur in adjacent items in the above list. One Position is Towards the Goal (respectively, Away from the Goal) from another Position if the first Position occurs before (resp. after) the second in the above list, that is if the first Position's index in the above list is less than (resp. greater than) the second Position's.

These properties and relations of Positions (Sides, Adjacency, Towards and Away from the Goal) can apply by extension to Players in the obvious way. For example, a Defensive Player is a Player with Position on Side Defensive, and Adjacent Players are Players with Adjacent Positions.

Amend rule 2.2.1, "Kicking the Ball" to read:

If a Player has the Ball, they may attempt to Kick the Ball by making a GNDT comment naming a Player (other than themselves, and who has a Position) to be a target Player and rolling DICE9. If the result of the die roll is less than 8, the Kicking Player has Kicked the Ball to the target Player. If the result is 8, the Kicking Player has Lost the Ball to a random Player who has the target Player’s position (excluding the Kicking Player). If the result is 9, the Ball becomes Out of Play and is removed from any Player’s possession.

When a Player Kicks or Loses the Ball to another Player, ownership of the Ball is transferred to the other Player.

When a Player Kicks the Ball, if they are not the Goalkeeper, they may become Assisting. If a Player Kicks the Ball to a Player Towards the Goal from the Kicking Player, the Kicking Player may cause all other Assisting Players to cease to be Assisting. The Goalkeeper may never be Assisting.

Set the Positions of all Players and the Coach to be the positions they had according to their Shirts immediately before this Proposal's enactment.

  1. Wait, why did 2.2.1 ever need to talk about GNDT tracking of Kicks?
  2. The punishment for losing is gone here. I think it needs revision given instantaneous scoring, but don’t have any ideas.




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