Sunday, March 07, 2021

Proposal: Deferential Matters [Special Case]

Cannot be enacted without a change of vote. Failed 3 votes to 5. Josh

Adminned at 09 Mar 2021 20:02:54 UTC

In “Imperial Deferentials”, replace “Proposal” with “Votable Matter”.

I’m not sure why Imperial Deferentials don’t apply to CfJs and DoVs, if this special case rule is (as I understand it) meant to allow the Emperor to abstain on political matters without it slowing the game down. Having it apply to all three Votable Matters would mean that it matched the Player DEF system.


Josh: HE/HIM

07-03-2021 20:23:50 UTC

against Defering to the emperor on proposals, where the Emperor could be seen as have some sort of authority or at least guiding interest, is one thing. On CfJs and DoVs the Emperor should in most cases be just any other player, with no additional weight or impedement put on their vote. If anything I’d be up for stripping the DEF from non-dynastic proposals.


07-03-2021 21:57:53 UTC



07-03-2021 22:20:41 UTC

That’s a good argument for amending how Player DEFs resolve, or even for dropping the clause about DoVs enacting early with the Emperor’s blessing, but this is just about resolving Imperial DEFs. If the rule is inactive you can vote DEF to abstain, if it’s active you can vote DEF to do a not-quite-equivalent-but-near-enough speedy-abstain that doesn’t hold up quorum.

Offhand I can’t find when or why we expanded DEFs from proposals to all votable matters. Perhaps it was just because the more uncertain or distracted players would still vote DEF on complex/core CfJs anyway, and have to be told that these votes didn’t count.

Raven1207: HE/HIM

08-03-2021 02:12:52 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

08-03-2021 06:55:50 UTC


I agree with Josh that it might be a good idea to change/get rid of DEFs on non-proposals but this really just gives the emperor more options. It only mattters if a) they turn on imperial deferentials and then b) vote DEF on a CfJ/DoV. Both of those are intentional actions by the emperor, so I don’t see how this hurts.

Zack: HE/HIM

08-03-2021 15:24:21 UTC



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09-03-2021 15:32:34 UTC