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Proposal: Desk Job

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If the proposal Location, Location, Location (citation) passed, reword the rule “The Classroom” to:-

The Classroom is composed of 16 Desks, numbered from 1 to 16 and arranged in a 4x4 square as follows:-


(The points are only used to make the positions clearer.) Two Desks are said to be next to each other if they connect directly vertically, horizontally or diagonally (e.g. the Desk 1 is next to 2, 6 and 5, and no other Desk). Whenever the Professor stands over a Desk, all the Desks next to it are said to be in the Professor’s Area of Influence (PAoI, for short).

Each Student may occupy one Desk, and the number of this Desk is tracked in the “Desk” column of the GNDT. (If a Student does not occupy a Desk, this is tracked as a “-” in that column.) If a Student occupies a Desk, that Student may - as a daily action - change their Desk number to that of any unoccupied Desk which is next to their current Desk. If a Student does not occupy a Desk, that Student may change their Desk number to that of any unoccupied Desk.

The Professor may stand over one Desk, and the number of this Desk is tracked in the “Desk” column of the GNDT. (If a Professor is not standing over a Desk, this is represented with a “-” in that column.) The Professor may, as a Daily Action, change his Desk value to any Desk number, or to “-”.

When a Student joins the game or unidles for the first time in this dynasty, they do not occupy a Desk.

If the Professor’s Desk value is “0”, change it to “-”.

Mostly just tightening the wording up and picking a clearer metaphor for the Professor’s desk, but fixing the serious problem of new Students not being assigned a Desk. (By reframing it as “students start with no desk and must pick one”, it also prevents any game-crashing errors should we gain a 17th Student.)



05-10-2012 02:08:39 UTC

This is a nice correction, but I’m worried that new Students can choose their location. I’d change it to something like “they can choose the time they want to join, but they are randomly put in their places”. For instance, having the possibility of cornering someone - if that passes, anyway - in a lucky shot (or actullay be cornered in a not so lucky dice roll) is something, but having the ability to force it from “nowhere” is not so nice.
Anyway, that can be changed later, this is good as it is for .

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