Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Story Post: DETI Institute

The next meeting of the Kaiju Court has been called to order; this post is expired.

Adminned at 30 Jun 2015 14:39:01 UTC

Active Effect: Reduce the Prestige of each Alien Kaiju by 5.
Activation Cost: 3
Restrictions: This Aspect is a Location. This Aspect may only be activated as a Colossal Action.

The Kaiju Court has been called to order. Bidding begins now.



06-24-2015 11:04:20 UTC



06-27-2015 14:29:11 UTC



06-27-2015 22:38:01 UTC

The rule is that “If it’s described in its restrictions as a Location, only Robots and Mutants may post bids on it.” - Brendan was a nothing when he cast this bid, so it was illegal.