Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Story Post: Disclosure

My previous private criteria were:

I find the photo aesthetically pleasing - 4b21f82e5a3df10ba87a9ee19ccd9c96d7cd6a5b736c8ae5d3fe9a3241af0078
There is a non-human mammal or bird in the picture - 4ea012401d0bdfa34b98ec2e69aa1df21538e773f051609e5b32ea7b4430e6a1

xzygr I find the photo aesthetically pleasing - aa723d205397f609ab984b3873785b18d541da727131b9e61b3de524dabeed8c
ysfnn There is a tree in the photo - 641ab2d60309895c525d26d299e594f75ac1cd2765ab00f4c9d590d1b6170b85
fpple There is a cat, dog or bird in the photo - d25d75faab92b3a4789d6a017965e9111bb9201cfda7461bd598a47e25ab0bb7
poopl The photo includes humans - 16679560310c2e5c6879e6bda4f7f9e286cd453f1cc9650176889b441f628b6c
trxxl The photo was taken at night - 55b16026dbc1838501cd21dde9266ee7cfef24e2e86d115f90eeee1ba9a8ba5f


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