Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Discussion: A technical suggestion

I’ve been thinking about two problems recently, which seem connected:

  • Frequently, players will forget to categorise a post (most commonly leading to a Proposal that isn’t, and spamming up the blog if the mistake isn’t caught within 5 minutes). This just creates a little extra tedium all round.
  • Sometimes, I want to create posts for discussion, rather than posts that have a game effect. Like this one, for example, that discusses the blog software, or my posts that summarize the gamestate and invite discussion as to what lead to mysterious GNDT updates. We have a category for basically everything else, but not these.

Thus, I have a suggestion:

  1. Add a new “Discussion” category to the blog, intended for blog posts with no game effect (I don’t foresee any rules changes needed for this, apart from possibly a Glossary entry);
  2. If possible, configure the blog software to prevent the submission of posts that aren’t in any category (with a message like “Each post must be in some Category”).

This would both make it clearer which posts were intended to have no game effect (meaning that we have a nice little prefix on every post), and cut down on mistakes.



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18-02-2015 03:48:49 UTC

Just looking back through past posts, I guess we also need “Idling/Unidling” as a category. That has gamestate effects, but isn’t a Story Post because it’s Core-defined.


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18-02-2015 06:30:13 UTC

Also, I’d love it if there were an easier way to keep track of which posts have new comments. Either a time stamp after the number of comments giving the time of the most recent comment or a separate page that lists the most recent comments with links to the relevant post.


18-02-2015 06:43:53 UTC

@_Fox_: Back a long time ago, last time I was really actively playing, there was a program we called “Sparrowscript” that did that. I don’t know if it still exists / still works.

Currently, I’m using the RSS feed of comments:


18-02-2015 07:06:12 UTC

arrow Helpful. Thanks!


18-02-2015 07:36:29 UTC

Ooh, and it seems that Sparrowscript has gone through several different authors, and been updated multiple times over the years, but it still works:


18-02-2015 08:06:27 UTC

Actually, only partially works. There was a bug in it due to a jQuery update, which I just fixed:

Kevan: City he/him

18-02-2015 08:16:18 UTC

Thanks, have applied your fix to the first script and updated its version number (which should, I think, somehow alert anyone who’s still using the previous version?).

Kevan: City he/him

18-02-2015 08:17:22 UTC

for to the idea, but no idea if it’s possible in ExpressionEngine.