Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Proposal: Don’t You Love Politics?

Reaches quorum 5-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 02 Aug 2017 10:17:48 UTC

Rename the rule “Missiles” to “Command Actions”

Add to the rule “Command Actions”, below the first paragraph:

Each CIC has a number of politicians that are either agitating, smoothing, or squabbling.  If the total of agitating, smoothing, and squabbling politicians exceeds the amount of politician resources of a CIC, the politicians from that CIC have no effect on the tick phase.

Add to the end of the rule “Command Actions”:

As a Command action a CIC may assign or unassign (but not both) any number of his politicians to or from one of agitating, smoothing, or squabbling.

Change the rule “Ticks” to read:

A Tick is an Atomic Action performed by the UNSG that consists of resolving the following:

If there are not more politicians are agitating than smoothing, the CIC with the most squabbling politicians in each bloc receives two IE.

If more politicians are agitating than smoothing,
  *For each unique pair of CICs (A and B), excluding the UNSG:
      *If A and B are both not targeting each other, nothing happens.
      *If A is targeting B, but B is not targeting A, A gains one IE and B loses one IE.
      *If B is targeting A, but A is not targeting B, B gains one IE and A loses one IE.
      *If A and B are both targeting each other, rolling DICE20. If it is 1 through 10, missiles are exchanged, and both CICs lose two IE and gain 10 Recovery.

If no CIC has taken a Command action to target another CIC in the previous 24 hours, and if no Ticks have been performed in the previous 48 hours, then the UNSG may perform a Tick.


I thought I’d give politicians something to do. You can stop nuclear war, if no one pushes too hard. This also gives the blocs some effect.



01-08-2017 13:55:40 UTC

I’ve been puzzling over what to do with Politicians as well. I like this proposal but it seems that you are the victim of the “save draft” bug. Also, does this new Command Action necessitate its own wiki page or will it be tracked on the GNDT?

derrick: he/him

01-08-2017 14:02:47 UTC

“Save draft” Bug? I saved it once, then changed it to a proposal two minutes later. Unless the rules on that have recently changed, that’s legal.

Command actions are currently being sent to the UNSG in a “secret order” fashion. So pokes is the one tracking things at the moment.


01-08-2017 14:05:32 UTC

“more politicians are agitating than smoothing,”


Fix pls

derrick: he/him

01-08-2017 14:24:58 UTC

If more politicians are agitating than smoothing,
  For each unique pair…

If you look at where it goes in, it makes sense. But it relies on positioning.


01-08-2017 14:59:50 UTC

Ah, I heard that hitting the “Save Draft” button accidentally publishes sometimes. I guess I can follow the logic of the last line but it would be better to have it all in writing.

derrick: he/him

01-08-2017 15:30:59 UTC

Edited it to please those who would like to see the full altered text of the rule “ticks”.


01-08-2017 17:24:46 UTC

Looks good! I might add something for how to best track Politician status, otherwise it has my for


01-08-2017 19:52:13 UTC



01-08-2017 20:49:02 UTC

(@Dewaldo, since it’s a Command action, it will be privately tracked.)

What happens if there’s a tie for most squabbling politicians within a bloc?

Kevan: he/him

02-08-2017 07:07:28 UTC



02-08-2017 10:12:05 UTC



02-08-2017 10:13:31 UTC

I’ll resolve it so that nobody in the bloc gets the 2IE on a squabble tie, since there is no “the CIC with the most squabbling politicians” in the bloc.