Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Proposal: Dormancy [Special Cases] [Appendix]

This is a rule from the past. Its a little dangerous, but persisted for a couple of dynasties and feels like it should be in the list of possible special case rules.
that was derrick’s comment above. popular 3-2 with 2 unresolved def votes enacted by card

Adminned at 14 Sep 2017 16:27:00 UTC

Add to “Special Cases” a new rule “Dormancy” with the following contents:

If there are fewer than five Princes, then BlogNomic is Dormant. While BlogNomic is Dormant, actions defined by dynastic rules may not be taken, and proposals may not be submitted.

If the proposal “Reorganization” has passed, mark Dormancy as unactive
If the proposal “Reorganization” has passed, and the King’s last valid vote on this proposal contains the phrase “Activate Dormancy”, mark Dormancy as active



09-12-2017 14:58:21 UTC

There’s no such thing as a [Special Cases] tag. In fact, this might need [Appendix] instead, since the ruleset (wrongly) insists that “Section Three contains the appendix”.


09-12-2017 15:03:40 UTC

I’ll keep the Special Cases tag. but I have added Appendix.


09-12-2017 15:04:45 UTC



09-12-2017 17:08:02 UTC



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09-12-2017 22:19:16 UTC

imperial  this whole tag thing confuses me


09-13-2017 00:35:56 UTC



09-13-2017 01:09:59 UTC

against CoV.

On the grounds that it could make recovering from an unpleasant dynasty harder, if you have to attract players without being able to fix bad rules.


09-13-2017 01:10:49 UTC



09-13-2017 13:15:27 UTC

[Semiel] For context, Dormancy is a reproposal of a mechanic we tried out last year (I guess it got repealed during an ascension?), and which I think worked okay. It triggered a couple of times and we got new or returning players within a few days each time, kickstarting the game. In most cases you’re only going to need one new player to get the game up again.

There can be a bit of a death spiral in quiet dynasties, where a rational player who thinks they have a decent lead will react to that silence by maintaining it (voting slowly and not proposing new mechanics), in the hope that even more players will get bored and drift away, leaving them the victory. And even if you aren’t in the lead, if you can get the game down to two or three players, you can probably get away with a yawning “let’s just end it, random player wins” proposal.

Dormancy prevents a quiet game from being in anybody’s interest.


09-13-2017 17:30:44 UTC

Also take note that this only prevents Dynastic actions and proposals from being submitted. You could still CfJ if the rules were really that broken.

Although this instance of the wording is different from the previous one since blognomic doesn’t go into hiatus; any proposals left would be passed/failed according to the core rules.

[Darknight] its to prevent accidental core rule edits and the like, but since a new section was added it became a little broken.


09-13-2017 17:49:03 UTC

OK, imperial CoV, per Kevan and card. I’ll leave it there since I don’t really have the nomic experience to feel confident either way.