Monday, August 24, 2009

Dynasty Suggestions

Operation: Veto Everything was a success; I vetoed the whole mess so we could just move on to the next Dynasty. I know DC has a number of ideas for the next Dynasty, but if he’s got a few suggestions for us to choose from, here is a forum to air them out.



08-24-2009 16:37:17 UTC

* Calvin & Hobbes (Credit: Me for dynasty idea, Bill Watterson for greatest comic strip of all time)
* (Credit: Darknight for dynasty idea, Kevan for game)
* Dvorak (Credit: Darknight for Capetown idea, me for turning that inspiration into Dvorak idea, Kevan for game)
* Post-Apocalyptic (Credit: Me for dynasty idea, Discovery Channel for their new The Colony show). More specifically, the apocalypse has happened and BNers are the only survivors. We manage to gather up in one spot and form a tribe.
* In yuri’s dynasty, I posted three ideas. One was Calvin & Hobbes, one was Biblical (ruled out due to offensiveness), and one was something I forgot. The forgotten one is a possibility as well, if anyone remembers it.
* Super Smash Bros. I have the first proposal at
* Nations. I am the UN, and you are all Nations. Not very fleshed out.


08-24-2009 16:44:15 UTC

Calvin and Hobbes sounds good, of course. I think the best choices here are Post-Apocalypse and Super Smash Bros. I call Kirby.


08-24-2009 20:10:44 UTC


Ienpw III:

08-24-2009 21:59:06 UTC

I like the UN one, and Post-Apoc.


08-24-2009 22:14:21 UTC


* Katamari, as stated.
* Future (it is a future dynasty, but BN has crashed and we have to reset from a blank state and retry from proposals. Would be similar to arth’s dynasty.)

I personally vote for Post-Apocalyptic.


08-24-2009 22:18:07 UTC

Oh, and the “forgotten idea” was Solitaire Nomic: all dynastic rules except 2.1 are Ordinances. Ordinances may be edited as defined by 2.1. 2.1 also states that if there are ever no ordinances, the last player to edit an ordinance wins.


08-24-2009 22:26:47 UTC

post apoc would be interesting. so that or the capetown one lol.

Apathetic Lizardman:

08-25-2009 01:11:52 UTC

Post Apocalyptic.