Sunday, July 05, 2009

Story Post: Exploring 1

Hey everybody! I see we’ve all arrived safely here, and I hope you all had a pleasant flight. For the next five days, we have permission to go down those caves over by the beach. I do wonder what we’ll find. I have heard rumours about those caves… but I’ll allow you to discover the caves yourselves, and share your stories with me here. Have fun!


redtara: they/them

05-07-2009 06:56:04 UTC

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05-07-2009 10:36:24 UTC

The tour guide says we’re going to go and see the caves today. I have a feeling I’d be more excited if I hadn’t been living in these caves since I was kicked out of the hotel a week ago for not being able to pay the room fees.

Still, they’re not too bad. Plenty of rock pools to play in, and a lovely underground lake with lots of nice juicy fish swimming in it. I’m just glad I have these three shine sprites the tour guide gave me, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see anything. There’s just one problem: I seem to be missing one.

Shine sprites tend to attract moths, so I put them a few yards away from me each night. This morning I woke up and one was gone! The other two looked traumatised, and there was a trail of slime leading deeper into the caves. I don’t think I’m the only one living here…


07-07-2009 01:45:23 UTC

I have entered the secret DDA caves.  Unsurprisingly, they’re no longer secret.  And they were never actually DDA caves.  Well, at least they have water.  Heck, hot springs.  Awesome.

I wrote on the cave walls.  Mostly stuff about my being here, or hare, or whatever it was.  Oh, and one of Shem’s sprites got lost, apparently.

When do we get to have lunch!?!


07-07-2009 14:09:45 UTC

I shouldn’t have wandered off from the tour group. The lack of lunch was driving me mad though, so I set out in search of food.

I found some tasty looking berries on a bush just outside one of the caves, so I gave those a go. Unfortunately, these turned out to belong to a group of small children who had, after being stranded on the island for a while, reverted to savages.

Befriending the short and tubby one, who they had nicknamed after some farmyard animal, (I forget which, possibly ‘sheepy’) I attempted to talk some civilisation back into them, but they wouldn’t listen. Not only would they not listen, but they grabbed spears and a grotesque boar’s head and chased me and ‘sheepy’ off a cliff, watching us plummet to our painful and gorey deaths.

And then I woke up, with a terrible stomach ache having collapsed on the floor.

Don’t eat the berries.


07-07-2009 15:48:32 UTC

All the other people on the island are ruining my cave. I had everything set up just how I like it, and now they’re all poking around like it’s for public display, bathing in my hot springs, eating my berries, complaining about lunch…

I hate tourists.


07-07-2009 19:42:35 UTC

I shot a boar with my bow and arrows.


redtara: they/them

10-07-2009 16:10:14 UTC

Shem wins for his first comment. His Tourism is now 10.