Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Proposal: Fair Casting

Timed out 3 votes FOR to 6 AGAINST. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 07 May 2009 15:36:18 UTC

Create a new Subrule of Rule 2.2.1 Stunt Casting, Rule with title “Final Casting Call” and the following text:

Scripters may Cast an actor or actress to play one of the following characters throughout the film: Man, Stewart (The Hero), Tall Girl, Oliver, Cockroach, Bo. To do this, a Scripter must make a story post entitled “Casting for [X],” with “[X]” being replaced with the name of the character to be played. This story post is known as a Casting Call. The body of the story post must clearly identify one actor or actress to play the role of the character.

If at any point in time a quorum of Scripters (including the one who created the Casting Call) comment “Seconded” on a Casting Call, then the Scripter who created the Casting Call earns 5 Royalties. The actor or actress who was suggested in the Casting Call is said to have been Cast. At that point, any other Casting Calls for the same character become closed. A comment of “Seconded” does nothing for a closed Casting Call. A Casting Call that is not closed is said to be open. No Scripter may create a Casting Call if he has already created a Casting Call which is still open. No Scripter may create a Casting Call for a character who appears in the wiki document “Final Cast.”

Create a wiki document entitled “Final Cast,” or blank it if it already exists. Whenever an actor or actress is Cast, put the name of the actor or actress in the wiki document along with the name of the character they were Cast to play. This wiki document may not be altered except by Rule or Proposal.

Reproposed to prevent the possibility of confederation. Note that the creator of the Casting Call is now allowed to count towards the quorum.

The example from before is still pretty much legitimate.



05-05-2009 21:55:26 UTC



05-05-2009 22:30:59 UTC



05-05-2009 22:32:12 UTC

This seems a pretty complicated way to word what is basically now just “players may make proposals to assign cast members, and get 5 Royalties for doing so”.

That and the fact you felt it necessary to make an “example post” to show us what someone saying “I Cast OJ Simpson to play Cockroach.” would look like has set my scam-sense tingling.

against No dice.


05-05-2009 23:26:39 UTC

Ok, Kevan, I would like to insist very strongly that I have included no scam whatsoever in this proposal. If you look, the words in this proposal in fact close any possible loophole; I wanted to make sure this mechanic is unscammable.

If you find a scam somewhere in here, then please tell me, because I sure don’t know about it. This rule is airtight.

I posted the example to show that it is, in fact, quite simple.


05-05-2009 23:27:27 UTC

(Implied)  for


05-06-2009 00:22:55 UTC

against  per Kevan.

Create a wiki document entitled “Final Cast,” or blank it if it already exists.
should be outside of the blockquote.


05-06-2009 00:47:39 UTC



05-06-2009 00:50:00 UTC

against COV


05-06-2009 02:05:28 UTC

CoV for  for DDA reasons.


05-06-2009 03:34:07 UTC

Yeah, the Final Cast should be outside, but if that’s the only issue then we can fix that by CfJ no problem.

DDA members please vote for


05-06-2009 16:04:47 UTC

for CoV


05-06-2009 19:13:24 UTC

against to cancel out the DDA invasion.


05-06-2009 19:54:46 UTC



05-06-2009 20:06:33 UTC

against too late in play I think


05-07-2009 21:23:16 UTC

Yeah, I wish I’d thought of this earlier.