Friday, April 28, 2017

Fourteenth Player Auction: Miĉjo Citronujo

Name: Miĉjo Citronujo
Level: 12 Brains 7, Brawn 6, Balls 8
Favorite Fruit: Lemon
Country: Novŝtatoj
Bio: Rose from very humble beginnings to become a local Bloggsball champion. Great inspirational movie potential (if he wins some IBA games).



04-28-2017 13:46:23 UTC

I bid $50


04-28-2017 15:37:28 UTC

I bid $1,000


04-28-2017 15:39:19 UTC

Wait we can’t bid since we’re technically under hiatus until Cuddlebeam’s DoV is at least 12 hours old and has certain voting conditions.


04-28-2017 15:52:12 UTC

Yeah, sorry. I posted my bid before I saw the DoV.


04-28-2017 16:36:29 UTC

This auction itself is in a weird place - I think I rolled dice and opened the new post before the DoV but posted it after. We might need a CfJ for this but I’m not sure what the right action for it to take is. Close this one and start anew?


04-29-2017 01:55:27 UTC

As per the CfJ Miĉjo Redo, this is no longer an auction.


04-29-2017 17:22:48 UTC

I bid $1337