Saturday, July 22, 2017

Proposal: Golems?

Times out 3-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 24 Jul 2017 21:12:43 UTC

If the rule “Golem” exists change “At any time, a Pactmaker may Activate a Golem.” to

At any time, a Pactmaker on the same square as a Golem may Activate that Golem.
A Golem that has a Gnosis value of -1 is considered to be destroyed.
Any Pactmaker may set a destroyed Golem’s Gnosis value to -1.

Still the square thing is important, also some notation for non-admins to “destroy” a golem



07-22-2017 16:52:43 UTC

I have no idea about the technical side of the GNDT, so if pokes can prove that he can make a GNDT-golem, I’d prefer to redcross this. If he can’t make a GNDT-golem, then I’ll greentick this.


07-22-2017 17:05:01 UTC

There are commented-out NPC lines in the GNDT. I don’t see why they shouldn’t work.


07-22-2017 17:07:45 UTC

Please try it out. If they actually don’t work by some exotic unforeseen bug, it’s going to be screwy.


07-22-2017 17:13:31 UTC

I added such a Golem. This action was plainly illegal and can be reverted by any Admin.


07-22-2017 17:16:48 UTC

I’m leaning toward greentick anyway. Wiki-Golems are a little more unwieldy in general but GNDT-Golems need admins.


07-22-2017 17:17:39 UTC

Ok, it works. Inclined to redcross this unless because I think the GNDT would be better, unless you’d like to adjust it to something else, card.


07-22-2017 17:18:31 UTC

(Protosal for Core, only because I don’t have an empty slot: Dynastic themed terms for admins?)


07-22-2017 17:23:22 UTC

Oh shit.

That could be really nice. I’d greentick, it’s just aesthetic but cool.


07-23-2017 02:40:23 UTC

I did change it based on the suggestions a while ago


07-24-2017 09:09:27 UTC

Ive read it a few times and it seems just circular to me, or Im missing something.

“If the dog is dead, anyone can shoot the dog, to make the dog dead”.


07-24-2017 10:06:31 UTC

for Looks like it’s a reasonable way to flag it as dead, otherwise only admins could do so.

“If the dog is dead, anyone can put a sticker that says ‘DEAD’ on the dog, so that everyone knows it’s dead before an admin buries it.”


07-24-2017 11:56:51 UTC