Thursday, August 11, 2016

Heads Up!

I know protasals aren’t typically a good idea, but I was looking to Prepose a system where a Hunter could purchase an island for a sum, and possibly tax or restrict access to it. I was wondering how something like that would be accepted, and looking for suggestions and improvements.



11-08-2016 01:25:30 UTC

Given there are more than enough islands for each Hunter to have his own, I don’t know how effective restricting access would be. What might be interesting is to offer a similar sort of fee to “upgrade” the island somehow to affect other Hunters’ island, e.g., a hunter with an upgraded island collects a fee from hunters on all immediately adjacent islands.


11-08-2016 01:31:05 UTC

or we could play it like pirate monopoly, where buying adjacent islands earns you bigger fees

we could also make some way to take islands from other hunters


11-08-2016 01:49:53 UTC

Or, many you have to search for things on different islands, and to access osome it requires a fee?