Thursday, February 01, 2007


no making proposals, no voting on proposals, no game actions.

thank you.



02-02-2007 17:53:07 UTC

Given that a DoV has passed, would it be permitted (and if permitted, would it be advisable) for an admin to blank the GNDT, remove references to Olympic dynasty-specific game documents such as the events page, change the logo at the top to an interregnum logo, and so on?


02-02-2007 17:58:59 UTC

No. Only when Doremi makes eir Ascension Address.

E may choose to retain any rule from this dynasty, and that would make some of the GNDT to remain unchanged.

Angry Grasshopper:

02-02-2007 21:07:35 UTC


Heh, heh.


02-03-2007 01:49:16 UTC

Bother,  I had an infinite popularity and TP scam all set up, but couldn’t find a way to win with it 8-(

Good work DRM


02-03-2007 02:48:23 UTC

So did I, ChinDoGu.  I DID have a way to win with it, though.  I assume we found the same infinite scam.  I was going to wait until just before the closing ceremonies to kick it off, though.  As for how to win with it…

Once the closing ceremonies occurred, this sentence from 2.10 takes effect:  “If two or more Olympians have the same score, the one with highest popularity(provided one exists) archives victory.”

It doesn’t say that they have to be tied for the HIGHEST score, though.  So I would have tied with other Olympians with zero score, and had the highest popularity among them (among all Olympians, in fact).


02-03-2007 03:02:02 UTC

Ooh.  Nice.  You were using the multiple forgives of a cheater loophole too?

Elias IX:

02-03-2007 03:12:48 UTC

Haha, I was looking into that TP/popularity generator as well.


02-03-2007 12:03:06 UTC

r: the tp/popularity scam: “may post a reply” = “may post one reply [per Req. for Forgiveness]” was my interpretation.