Monday, October 30, 2006

HIATUS, people!  sheesh.

GGAA!  Stop doing stuff

*!  Now I have to go on a massive reverting spree.

*Roughly speaking, you may only ignore this sentence if your immediate idea of “stuff” is one of the following:  idling, unidling, making a CfJ, voting on a CfJ, making a DoV, voting on a DoV, or performing certain administrative functions**.

**EDIT: Also, now that Hiatus is over, you may ignore it.



30-10-2006 15:11:47 UTC

Okay, I won’t undo all the GNDT stuff yet, but here’s what needs to be done:

Rodney: 0 fedoras (1 fedora if the switch and run was illegal)
Elias: Apathetic
Tommy: Dictatorial / H 6 / BL 50
Clucky: T 8 / Theocratic / BL 73 / 0 fedoras
Cayvie: H 12
Purplebeard: blank special / H 12
Bucky: DL Garden / 1 fedora / T 7 / Theocratic / BL 26


30-10-2006 15:54:54 UTC

Marked one “proposal” as “not a proposal” due to being made during Hiatus.  Reverted the “no” to “na” switch and run, and the “DICE” to “DlCE” switch and run—both were illegally made during Hiatus.  Reverted some italicized text that Bucky severely altered.

Made the GNDT changes described in the above comments.  One DoV is resolved, and the other is about to be resolved, ending the Hiatus.


30-10-2006 16:14:56 UTC

Resolved all DoVs and ended Hiatus.  I believe the switch and run by Rodney was illegal (it caused the rule to become incoherent), so I’ve changed “tobal” back to “total” and refunded Rodney the 1 mischief fedora.  If I am wrong in this judgment, and Rodney’s switch and run was actually legal, then I _still_ change “tobal” back to “total” as a typographical error (which I may do now that we are no longer in Hiatus).  The only difference would be that e doesn’t get eir fedora back, and is restricted by the 72 hours clause in Rule 2.9.

Clucky: he/him

30-10-2006 17:04:01 UTC

Oops. Sorry.


31-10-2006 01:22:15 UTC

I’m sorry too.  Hadn’t noticed that rule.