Friday, October 22, 2021

Proposal: House of Pain

Withdrawn by proposer. Failed by TyGuy6.

Adminned at 24 Oct 2021 06:36:55 UTC

If Proposal: Estate Sales were not enacted then this proposal has no effect.

Add the following as a fourth bullet point to the Atomic Action described in the rule Buyers:

*Secretly randomly order the integers 2 through 16 twice and assign the numbers in that order to those same Buyers as their Desired Quality.

Add the following as a new rule to the ruleset, called Open House:

As a weekly action, a Realtor may hold an Open House, which is an atomic action with the following steps:

*Select a House for which they are the Seller; that House is the Property for this Open House.
*Advertise, by publicly stating that they are holding an Open House, naming the Property, in the #current-dynasty channel on Discord, in a comment on any open Proposal, or as a comment in the BlogNomic dice roller.
*Randomly select ten Buyers; these Buyers are the Attendees for the Open House.
*For each Attendee, roll nDICE10, where n is the number of Ghosts in the Property. Any Attendee whose roll result is higher than their Fear is too afraid and leaves, ceasing to be an Attendee.
*For each Attendee, roll nDICE4, where n is the number of Traps in the Property. Any Attendee whose roll result is higher than their Health is brutally slain by a Trap. For each such Attendee, roll DICE4; on a result of 1 they become a Ghost of a random Type, Haunting the Property. They then cease to be an Attendee and are removed from the list of Buyers.
*For each remaining Attendee, compare their Desired Quality to the sum of the Property’s Condition and Appeal; any Attendee for whom their Desired Quality is the higher value are not interested and leave, ceasing to be Attendees.
*Each remaining Attendee makes an Offer of a random value between 80% and 120% of their Bucks.
*The Realtor conducting this Open House may (but does not have to) select a single Offer to accept. If they do then the Property and the Attendee whose offer they accepted are removed from the gamestate, and that Realtor’s Bucks are increased by the value of the Offer.
*The Realtor must then make a post to the blog summarising the events of this Open House.

If Proposal: There’s No I In Team was enacted, change the description of the Listing Agent in the rule Specialisms to read:

A Listing Agent may chose any 10 from 15 randomly selected Buyers to be the Attendees for their Open House.

Generate a Desired Quality for any Buyer who doesn’t have one, as a random value between 2 and 16.



22-10-2021 14:57:00 UTC

Kind of complicated- I think Buyers might be better used as something once a week, one or two separate buyers look at each house. I rather have something that’s a little easier to understand at first glance.

redtara: they/them

22-10-2021 15:18:36 UTC

against tl;dr

Josh: he/they

22-10-2021 15:45:31 UTC

against s/k based on feedback that this is too long and baroque; I’ll let other minds take a terser pass

Josh: he/they

22-10-2021 15:47:40 UTC

Sorry; withdrawn