Sunday, July 20, 2008

Proposal: HP or Not HP

timed out, final vote 6-1—Yoda

Adminned at 21 Jul 2008 20:52:02 UTC

Add a sub-rule titled “Health” to the rule “Character Sheets” with the following text:

Each Adventurer has an amount of Health Points (or HP, for short).  Each Adventurer starts with 10 HP.  If an action would cause an Adventurer’s HP to be set to a value greater than his Max Health, set it to his Max Health instead.  Whenever an Adventurer’s Max Health rises, that Adventurer’s HP rises the same amount.  Whenever an Adventurer’s HP is 0 or less, that Adventurer ceases to be part of any Party and is considered Dead for 48 hours, after which he is no longer considered Dead and his HP is set to 1.  As long as an Adventurer is Dead, he may not join any Party.

Each Adventurer also has a Max Health.  An Adventurer’s Max Health is always equal to 8 plus twice that Adventurer’s Bravery skill.

To “heal Target X HP” means to add X to the HP of Target.  To “hit Target for Y HP” means to subtract Y from the HP of Target.

Non-Adventurer Characters (or NPCs, for short) also have HP and Max Health.  A NPC’s HP and Max Health shall be set at the time of creation of the NPC.  Whenever a NPC’s HP is 0 or less, it ceases to exist.

The Health of any Adventurer or NPC shall be shown as HP/Max Health.

I am mainly just trying to get HP started.  The way this one is worded, if we want to make Max Health dependent on a different skill/attribute, we only have to change it in one place.



07-20-2008 04:47:39 UTC


* Give everone a basic max HP of say, 8.

* Make attributes, items, and skills all potentially increase max HP. So like, an enchanted helm could give +5 max HP. And if you want, each bravery skill point gives 8 max HP. But saying “always equal to this” is too limiting.


07-20-2008 08:27:25 UTC

for This will run perfectly, and when people propose an item or attribute link that needs to change players’ Max Health, they can reword or rewrite one line in this proposal.


07-20-2008 13:39:00 UTC

Clucky, why are you so against these proposals?  I am not trying to make this a permanent link between Max Health and Bravery.  If you want to change it, all you have to do is change the one line.  Also, the way it is right now, new players start with a max health of 10 (8 + 2 * 1), not 8.


07-20-2008 13:41:43 UTC

In other words, if you want to change it, then PROPOSE THE CHANGE instead of keeping on ranting about how you don’t like the way it is worded now.

I did not mean for the link to Bravery to stay.  I fully intended for someone else to propose a better link.


07-20-2008 13:42:37 UTC

You can even make Max Health an attribute or skill that starts at 10 for everyone.


07-20-2008 15:58:54 UTC

How about Max Health starts at 5+STR and can be changed freely by other rules.


07-20-2008 20:23:39 UTC



07-20-2008 21:25:08 UTC

It needs to start at 10, though.


07-20-2008 22:05:00 UTC

for I have proposed a fix for this.


07-21-2008 01:15:09 UTC

I shouldn’t have to use my proposal slots fixing what I find broken in other people’s proposals Yoda. I’m also not going to vote FOR a rule that I dislike just because it can be patched later. Patches can fail.


07-21-2008 01:52:11 UTC

I proposed this fully intending for it to be patched.


07-21-2008 03:19:13 UTC

Still, better to do it better the first time.


07-21-2008 13:29:56 UTC

As I said Yoda, Patches can fail.


07-21-2008 20:03:46 UTC



07-21-2008 22:38:45 UTC