Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Declaration of Victory: The Demented Baron is the real victor

Reached a quorum of votes, the Mad Prince has voted on it, and more than half of the votes were in favour. Josh may now post an Ascension Address. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 01 Apr 2010 01:51:57 UTC

I have achieved victory as set out in rule 2.2.36, Billboard.



03-31-2010 18:03:33 UTC

for obvs


03-31-2010 18:06:16 UTC

for You slightly messed up the calculations, but it works anyway (the only difference is that you end up on 11 Coal not 15 Coal). I don’t see anything wrong with that win.


03-31-2010 18:07:04 UTC

Also, that was a really ingenious use of hydraulics; I was wondering if a scam would be involved in the dynasty, and it seems that that was it.


03-31-2010 18:09:25 UTC

for Well done. I actually knew about the hydraulics but forgot all about it when I found out that particular scam didn’t work.


03-31-2010 18:14:50 UTC

I have a few ideas for dynasties but will accept solicitations from the floor.


03-31-2010 18:41:51 UTC

for Nice work…You Frenchie >_>


03-31-2010 18:58:10 UTC

Nicely done. Very impressive. It’s a shame that this didn’t last a little longer, though - it was getting pretty interesting. for


03-31-2010 19:43:48 UTC

Stop editing URLs, please. That’s a bannable offence. for


03-31-2010 19:45:13 UTC



03-31-2010 19:46:28 UTC

“A Commoner should not make or edit a post such that its title does not broadly match its URL title.” (from Fair Play)


03-31-2010 19:50:24 UTC

Oh, I didn’t notice the change. Apologies.


04-01-2010 00:21:49 UTC

for Congrats

Ienpw III:

04-01-2010 01:57:53 UTC

for Not bothering to read the rules and check the win, but I’m trusting everyone else.


04-01-2010 04:20:52 UTC

This can be enacted as soon as 12 hours have passed, which is in about half an hour.