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Proposal: I don’t *need* a workshop, but I sure would like one.

Reaches quorum at 16-0. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 04 Mar 2010 02:16:07 UTC

If Proposal: I need a workshop! passed, repeal it.

Add a new rule, entitled Workshops:

All commoners have at least one workshop, which can exist in various forms and have various characteristics. New Commoners start with one Junkyard workshop. Commoners’ workshops are tracked in the GNDT.

Inventions and Parts may be attached to workshops; such attachments must be clearly noted on the [[Inventions]] wiki page. Once attached to a workshop, an Invention or Part cannot be removed (although they can be destroyed, as described in rule 2.2). For every Invention or Part attached to their workshop, a Commoner gains efficiencies of scale; they may reclaim 10% (rounded up to the nearest whole number) of the Power Requirement of that Invention or Part to their income once.

The types of workshop, their effects, and the criteria that one must meet in order to own one are listed below. A Junkyard Workshop may change to any other type of Workshop at any time, so long as the criteria listed below are met. Other workshops may never change to any other kind of workshop. If a workshop ceases to meet the criteria for the type of workshop that it claims to be then it immediately becomes a Junkyard Workshop.

Junkyard Workshop
The basic workshop that any Commoner can build. The land upon which to build further additional Junkyard Workshops needs to be bought from the Mad Prince, who may chose when, how many, and at what price to sell at his own discretion.
Effects: None
Requirements: None / Mad-Prince defined

By adding wings, a propulsion system and teak panelling to their workshop, Commoners can take to the skies. An inspiring, but cost-intensive, way of inventing.
Effects: The increased range of the Dirigible means that the Commoner occupying it can be more selective when it comes to Scavenging; instead of choosing to increase two Resources while Scavenging, they may choose to increase only one Resource, but at triple the rates detailed in rule 2.1. However, aerospace technology is still somewhat nascent and unstable; every time a Commoner chooses to use this power, they must decrease their Income by 1 to reflect the wear and tear that flying has on their workshop.
Requirements: The workshop must have wings, a hydrogen distillery and teak panelling attached.

Walking Fortress
The mobile oppression palace is slow, ponderous and inaccessible. It is also ideal for dominating junkyards - if it ever gets there.
Effects: A Commoner with a Walking Fortress may only Scavenge once every ten days. Whenever they may Scavenge, however, they may elect to instead take 2 Resources from each of the four Commoners to have Scavenged immediately preceding them, while also gaining their usual stipend of coal. (Cogs and Gems will be preciously guarded and cannot be stolen in this way; other Commoners with a Walking Fortress cannot be stolen from at all, although they still count towards the Walking Fortress’ four targets.)
Requirements: A workshop must have armour plating, a furnace and mobile telescopic legs attached to become a Walking Fortress.

Observatory and alchemarium
Dedicated to both the scientific and the arcane, although somewhat lacking in earthy capability.
Effects: The Commoner who owns an Observatory may spend 1 Coal and 1 Resource to gain 1 of any other Resource. However, they can only choose to gain one Resource while Scavenging.
Requirements: This workshop requires a precision lens, a thermometer and fireproof walls.

Add the following as a single subrule to Rule 2.1, entitled Workshop Parts:

The following parts have no intrinsic effect:

Cost: 2 Cogs, 1 Iron, 1 Quicksilver
Power Requirement: 2

Hydrogen Distillery
Cost: 1 Wood, 2 Quicksilver, 1 Gem
Power Requirement: 5

Armour Plating
Cost: 5 Iron, 5 Wood
Power Requirement: 5

Mobile Telescopic Legs
Cost: 5 Cogs, 1 Iron
Power Requirement: 10

Cost: 2 Quicksilver, 1 Iron, 1 Gem
Power Requirement: 3

Fireproof walls
Cost: 10 Wood, 2 Iron
Power Requirement: 10

Add a column to the GNDT for Workshops.

“I will give this fine scrap of land,” cackled the Mad Prince, “to the first man, woman or child who can bring me… a mechanical duck!” Sure enough, every man, woman and child ran straight to the labs.

For 24 hours, nothing could be heard in the village except the wheezing of bellows, the hammering of iron on anvil and the muffled cursing of those forced to tinker with cogs in dim light.

At daybreak, the townspeople gathered in the central square to show off their handiwork. Most of the inventions were barely adequate - a few of them could waddle, one of them could just about simulate a quack by rubbing two blocks of wood together. Finally, the Mad Prince sighed and gave the land to the townsperson who had had the ingenuity to bolt a sheet of metal to an actual duck and hope that no-one would notice.


Darknight: HE/HIM

03-02-2010 22:19:56 UTC

for Epic flavor text too.


03-02-2010 22:53:12 UTC

imperial  Too long to read. But the text is hilarious.


03-02-2010 23:00:12 UTC

CoV for  as I have read it. Though I think that non-Junkyard workshops should be able to change into other kinds if they meet the criteria.


03-02-2010 23:12:43 UTC

for , and arrow :ARROW arrow


03-03-2010 00:20:21 UTC

for AND EPIC arrow =D


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Ienpw III:

03-03-2010 05:23:11 UTC

for  for , arrow arrow and a note that you cannot repeal a proposal.


03-03-2010 07:43:13 UTC



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Kevan: HE/HIM

03-03-2010 09:01:11 UTC

for Good stuff. Just a small timing issue as to whether the Digible’s Income modifier is applied before or after Coal is increased by Income.


03-03-2010 10:00:35 UTC

for arrow and as far as I can tell, the Dirigible’s Income decrease (a requirement to Scavenge) comes before the Coal gain (an effect of Scavenging).

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-03-2010 10:02:37 UTC

Ah, I suppose “choosing to use” the power comes before actually using it. Just don’t change your mind too often…


03-03-2010 10:03:33 UTC

COV for arrow

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-03-2010 10:06:17 UTC

The proposals to give arrows an effect failed, you don’t need to CoV for them to count for anything.


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for You convinced the me Invention/Scavenging hater :)

Nice idea, sounds interesting ;)

But I dont like story-flavour-texts that much, as I am not a steampunk fan :P


03-03-2010 13:35:48 UTC

Ah, I should click on Preview -.- I meant “You convinced me, the Invention/Scavanging hater”...


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for- Arrowing why, though? Semantics?


03-04-2010 01:48:07 UTC

Arrows are bad. They mess up Alethioscript.


03-04-2010 01:48:58 UTC

This, by the way, has been Quorumed.