Friday, August 14, 2009

Proposal: I don’t remember this…

S/K, failed by yuri_dragon_17

Adminned at 15 Aug 2009 22:29:25 UTC

Add a new rule entitled “When did this happen?”:

As a weekly action the Phil may add a memento to the Parallel Ruleset.



08-14-2009 14:29:52 UTC

for  for  for  for  for  for  for  Epic Overwhelming FOR FOR FOR


08-14-2009 14:45:17 UTC

against The reason rules are proposed is to stop mistakes which have drastic effects. Letting someone, even the person running a dynasty, create rules at will is a bit too powerful.


08-14-2009 16:21:47 UTC

Maybe we should also propose that Qwaz can get rid of mementos as well. That way, if someone points out a horrible loophole, Qwaz can get rid of the memento before it’s Flashbacked.


08-14-2009 16:27:06 UTC



08-14-2009 17:22:07 UTC

against per SB.

Ienpw III:

08-14-2009 17:30:24 UTC

I agree with darth, but I have no open slots.


08-14-2009 17:42:50 UTC



08-14-2009 20:45:54 UTC



08-14-2009 20:46:55 UTC

This is the worst idea ever.


08-14-2009 23:59:30 UTC

Not true. It could allow arthexis to add Rules to the parallel ruleset. Or, it could disallow boring actions.  : p


08-15-2009 00:13:08 UTC

Avything that benefits me is never a bad idea, Quaz.


08-15-2009 06:15:18 UTC

DANGIT ARTH IT’S QWAZ not QUAZ!!!1!!!!one!!!!!forty-two!!!!!


08-15-2009 06:18:31 UTC

What does arthexis mean, btw?


08-15-2009 07:10:34 UTC

I am arthexis. That should be evident already.


08-15-2009 07:22:31 UTC

That is evident, but not relevant to my question.


08-15-2009 15:05:44 UTC

Well, what does Qwazukee mean? What does Amnistar mean? What does Bucky mean? What does yuri_dragon_17 mean? What does Euler mean? What does Pavitra mean?

(Well actually the last one is an adjective in a language beginning with S. I don’t remember the complete name of the language.)

Also, Darth Cliche means “Darth” (i.e. the title for Star Wars villains) + “Cliche” (i.e. stereotypical).


08-15-2009 15:55:48 UTC

Pavitra and Euler are historical figures. Bucky could be several things. Qwazukee is named after a teddy bear. Darknight and Gawain are named after very different types of knight. Psychotipath is just funny. Not sure about arthexis or yuri.

Ienpw III:

08-15-2009 17:04:02 UTC

I’m named after three fictional characters.


08-15-2009 20:04:29 UTC

arthexis is a proper name.


08-15-2009 22:57:18 UTC

Pavitra is a Sanskrit adjective meaning approximately “pure/holy”.


08-16-2009 00:33:57 UTC

Then how come “arthexis” isn’t capitalized?

Ienpw III:

08-16-2009 00:42:53 UTC

Presumably the same reason “yuri” isn’t capitalized.


08-16-2009 00:58:40 UTC

It just goes directly in the face of the “proper noun” thing.


08-16-2009 02:43:03 UTC

And “mossfire” is a name generated by a random name generater based on the “Warriors” series about cats, Wakukee is named after a Turtle, Gawain is also a play on that player’s real name, Apathetic Lizardname is named after a monster in a game, SingularBye is named after a single byte rather than a kilobyte or megabye—just one byte. Amnistar is also a “clear” “reference” to the pokemon Omnistar.

Ienpw III:

08-16-2009 03:57:28 UTC

Alright, bad idea. S/K against