Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have arrived

Hello!  I have arrived for the first time.  Since it appears this might be the last chance I have to communicate in words of more than two syllables for a time, allow me to take the opportunity to introduce myself.  I ‘nomicked’ many years ago but haven’t for, oh, at least four.  Tragically, I can’t even remember which nomics that was with.  I’ll probably lurk while I grapple with the rules and layout of the place.  I think I’m about to revert to being a caveman - me am happy to meet you?



28-02-2011 03:19:07 UTC


me send you gndt pass word etched in rock I toss right at you.

wiki log in still need made. i could have sword i was wiki admin but i guess not.


28-02-2011 23:08:11 UTC

boujour, je m’applle Winner.

me abuse rule system in french.