Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have arrived, and I intend to play

I wouldn’t expect anyone to be too excited about this.


Apathetic Lizardman:

11-24-2009 01:47:37 UTC

Welcome! Even though I’m idle. If you have any questions I’m sure almost anyone here would be willing to help you out. An admin will add you soon.


11-24-2009 05:08:35 UTC



11-24-2009 05:12:01 UTC


Welcome to BlogNomic! We’ve had a small influx of new players lately; would you happen to know, in real life, OddRon and/or Alzhaid?


11-24-2009 07:25:40 UTC

Nope, not as far as I know. I just stumbled upon an article on Nomic again today, and remembered the last time I read up on it, I intended to find and join a game. I never did, and this gave me the kick in the pants to get out there and do it. You’re listed in the Wikipedia article for Nomic, so I showed up here, read the house rules, and joined. Now I just have to figure out some good rules to propose. ;)

Ienpw III:

11-24-2009 11:44:02 UTC

I found Nomic through stumbleupon as well.


11-24-2009 15:22:44 UTC

I found nomic ultimately through the Generator Blog it lead me to Kevan’s the Surrealist site, which in turn lead me to Kevan’s main site, which in turn finally led me to BlogNomic.

(I suppose you could say I found nomic ultimately through Google, as it lead me to the Generator Blog…)


11-24-2009 16:12:35 UTC

Definitely found it while wikipedia-ing “Calvinball.”

Also, I love the name, noone. In my Latin class, we all had to have Latin names so I picked “Nemo.”


11-24-2009 16:18:51 UTC

We all have to have Latin names in my Latin class too. I picked Canis Latii (which literally means “dog from Latium”, but is Dog Latin for “Dog Latin”).

Also, here’s a link that I think NOI might like.


11-24-2009 16:21:34 UTC

Heh, nice one. It brings to mind Odysseus and Polyphemus.


11-24-2009 16:31:58 UTC

Also, I’m compiling a list of countries which I know citizens of. So, what country do you live in? (And are you a citizen of any others? I know that might sound strange, but Ienpw III is a citizen of both Canada and Ireland.)


11-24-2009 17:01:31 UTC

Just the US. Kinda boring. :)


11-24-2009 17:18:01 UTC

To an Englishman, England is boring. To an Australian, Australia is boring. Et cetera.


11-24-2009 17:55:54 UTC

Sorry, I meant that the sole-citizenship part was boring. California is awesome. :)


11-24-2009 22:24:39 UTC

But… I choose Nemo as MY latin name! No wonder she wouldn’t let me keep it!


11-25-2009 17:30:39 UTC

Wakukee: “She”?


I seem to recall you calling each other “brothers”...


11-25-2009 17:57:07 UTC

She = the Magistra of that class. But why did you choose Nemo, Wak, the name wasn’t even on the list; I just pulled it out of the air.


11-29-2009 20:00:42 UTC

The only things I remember from Latin class are:
1) The meanings of “nominative”, “accusative”, and “genitive”.
2) The meaning of the phrase “Vos ne es sanum.”


11-29-2009 20:16:50 UTC

Surely someone remembers: semper ubi sub ubi


11-29-2009 21:53:18 UTC

Um. That translates as “always where? under where?” If i’m reading it right


11-29-2009 23:00:53 UTC

DC’s means “Surely you are not sane,” I believe.

And NOI’s is a joke that only makes sense in the English mistranslation “Always wear underwear.”


11-30-2009 03:57:06 UTC

Mine means “You are not sane”, though I use it to mean “You are insane”.

@SemperUbi: Ah. I knew it sounded vaguely familiar.