Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Proposal: I need a workshop!

Self-Killed. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 04 Mar 2010 02:08:09 UTC

Create a rule:  Locations

Each commoner owns a workshop in which they can invent as well as storing their parts and resources.
A commoner is located within their workshop at default.

Add to rule 2.1:

The act of scavenging takes 24 hours from the moment it is announced on the GNDT.  During this time the commoner will be located at the Junkyard

A mans workshop is his fortress.

Here, at least, I am free from the insanity.



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03-02-2010 14:57:48 UTC


Nb, you don’t have to vote on your own proposal.


03-02-2010 15:06:51 UTC

I know, just like to :)


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03-02-2010 15:17:13 UTC

imperial  I don’t really see why…


03-02-2010 15:23:14 UTC

If this rule is passed, it would then enable certain dangers / actions to be possible at the scrapheap.  It also ensures your resources and parts are in the workshop rather than on your person.

It’s just to open the way for a lot more possible rules.


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03-02-2010 16:16:30 UTC

against for flavour reasons. The issue is that nothing about this rule prevents inventing while at the scrapheap scavenging; the flavour of this rule is generally good, but that outcome’s a rather weird one. It should probably have mechanical as well as flavour effects if it’s going to do anything but confuse people. The wording’s also a bit sloppy, in that it’s not clear whether resources from Scavenging come immediately or 24 hours later.

Ienpw III:

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03-02-2010 16:17:49 UTC

Self-kill pre ais523’s comment.

Will re-propose.  against


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03-02-2010 19:01:52 UTC

The Gamestate can only be altered in manners specified by the ruleset.  Don’t change the status of this proposal to Closed unless you’re allowed to do so (such as an admin doing eir job on the oldest pending proposal)


03-02-2010 19:23:33 UTC

I know its self killed, but I would vote against.

If I get the gist, you dont want people in a Junkyard to invent. But you never stated, that inventing in such a Junkyard is impossible, you just said inventing in a workshop is possible and the Invention Rule allows invention generally…

Also I agree to the flavor aspects.


03-02-2010 19:30:17 UTC

Ah i did not see your fix-proposals, because its illegal and so not linked in the sidebar. You see “my” bug, so you might ignore my last comment ;)