Friday, January 12, 2018

Story Post: I Understand the Truth

I think that’s all I have to do for this action!



01-12-2018 09:06:36 UTC

Note the requirement for “making a blog post describing this acquisition” when obtaining an ability. (It’s intended to stop the gameplay from being entirely lost within the GNDT, while the blog gets more and more quiet.)

I think you should also have spent 5 Hunger to move from 49km to 50km, instead of 1? You pay 5 however far you’re walking, it’s only reduced to 1 if you’re sharing a distance with another player.


01-12-2018 10:26:12 UTC

I’ve already pointed this out but I don’t think you’ll be able to win unless you change the game (propose), because your situation with the current leader (Kevan) is pretty much symmetrical (note that death means pretty much nothing right now) except for your distance, which is game-winning.

Unless Kevan goes inactive or something else drastic, but other than that, only proposals will save you and without them, moving is futile.

Just a bit weird for me to see you so silent about proposals in this situation. Or maybe you’re just moving game pieces around for a reason not related to trying to play the game to win, in which case, oh well lol.


01-12-2018 17:28:25 UTC

Alright, I’ll just do those things without a CfJ.