Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Proposal: Iconic Puppets

Quorum @ 8-2. - Jumble

Adminned at 17 Feb 2022 12:43:25 UTC

Add a new rule called “Characters”:

Characters are defined with a Icon, which is a unicode character, and a name, which is a string of characters that is also flavor text.  The list of Characters are publicly tracked.  No two characters can share the same Icon.
As a Weekly Action, the Board Historian may generate a Character of their choosing.

Set the list of Characters to the following:

■, Alan Junior
🐦, Cardinal

Append the following to the bulletpointed list in “Symbology”:

- A Player may not select a Character’s Icon.

I was going to make these characters actually do something.  Couldn’t think of anything, though.

(Also I think you could call it Non-Fungible Text but please don’t do that)


Josh: he/they

16-02-2022 07:32:48 UTC


Clucky: he/him

16-02-2022 08:26:21 UTC


wdtefv: hu/hum

16-02-2022 09:57:06 UTC

for Hell Yes

DragonSlayr15001: he/him

16-02-2022 10:11:15 UTC

for hell yeah.

Raven1207: he/they

16-02-2022 13:32:11 UTC


Snisbo: she/they

16-02-2022 15:24:41 UTC

for NFA (Non-Fungible Alan)

Brendan: he/him

16-02-2022 20:13:15 UTC

against that’s a DOVE

Lulu: she/her

16-02-2022 20:18:32 UTC

Actually this is a dove 🕊️

Thunder: he/him

16-02-2022 20:41:09 UTC



17-02-2022 01:36:11 UTC