Monday, July 04, 2011

Proposal: Iconoclasty

Reaches quorum and passes at 13-2. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 05 Jul 2011 02:59:42 UTC

To the rule “The Arena”, after the first paragraph, add:-

Each Arena Square may contain either one or zero Entities. The contents of each Arena Square is tracked as a grid of Icons on a wiki page called “The Arena”, along with a key showing the Icons of any Gladiators who have Icons, matched to the names of those Gladiators. If an Arena Square contains no Entities, it is considered to be empty, and is represented by the Icon “IconEmpty.png”.

Remove the paragraph beginning “Each Gladiator has a Location”.

Reword Rule 2.1 (Species) to:-

Gladiators are Entities. Each Gladiator has a Status, tracked in the GNDT, which is either “Fighting” or “Resting”. Resting Gladiators do not occupy an Arena Square. New Gladiators begin as Resting.

A valid Entry Point is any Arena Square which is Empty, and which is either in Column A, Column I, Row 1 or Row 9. If a Gladiator is Resting and has an Icon, and if any valid Entry Points exist, that Gladiator may enter the Arena by occupying a single valid Entry Point and updating his Status to “Fighting”.

Despite being mostly sterile, Gladiators are considered to be male and may be referred to in dynastic rules with masculine pronouns (such as ‘he’).

Add a new rule, “Icons”:-

An Icon is a wiki image measuring 80 pixels by 80 pixels, and whose filename is either “IconXxxx.png”, “IconXxxx.gif” or “IconXxxx.jpg”, where “Xxxx” is a string of no more than eight characters. Each Entity in the game may be represented by an Icon.

If a Gladiator has no Icon, that Gladiator may upload a valid Icon to the wiki, with a valid filename of his choosing which is not already used by another Icon, and add it to the “Key” section of the Arena wiki page. This becomes that Gladiator’s Icon.

The Announcer may change the image of any Icon at any time.

If the wiki page “The Arena” exists, blank it. If it doesn’t exist, create it. Either way, set it up to represent a 9x9 grid of empty squares, and a blank key. (This example layout with placeholder graphics could serve as inspiration.)



04-07-2011 10:58:02 UTC

against I still don’t like the idea of having a map-based mechanic two dynasties in a row. (And this proposal seems to depend on one that’s failing massively.)


04-07-2011 10:59:13 UTC

CoV imperial Ah no, the proposal it depends on passed while I wasn’t looking.


04-07-2011 11:26:56 UTC

for WOuld love some graphical aspect in nomic… :-)


04-07-2011 11:54:23 UTC



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04-07-2011 14:59:44 UTC

for for now, I am concerned that the graphics may be too large of a burden on new players joining the game.

Kevan: HE/HIM

04-07-2011 15:10:07 UTC

I’m happy to knock out a dozen default avatars. I’d be concerned that the wiki usage (which requires players to have a wiki account, and to remember to check the wiki page to glance at the gamestate) is too large a burden, but I think it’s fairly unavoidable as soon as we start having players on a map.


04-07-2011 17:17:14 UTC

Players will have to check the Ruleset anyways and if the wiki ressources are as well linked as in last dynasty, it won’t be a problem.


04-07-2011 17:55:29 UTC



04-07-2011 17:57:43 UTC



04-07-2011 18:15:53 UTC

for See, this is exactly what the previous proposal was meant to set up. I love the image idea

Prince Anduril:

04-07-2011 18:23:38 UTC


I know I’m still learning the ropes with all of this, but this does seem an unnecessary complication to the nomic concept.


04-07-2011 19:10:46 UTC



04-07-2011 22:34:54 UTC



04-07-2011 23:12:06 UTC

@Prince Anduril: I am also a relatively new blognomic member, and I thought the same thing when I read an old ruleset. You must understand that Nomic can be a game, or it can be a infrastructure of a game, or even a modification. Blognomic uses Nomic as an infrastructure built upon firstly with a theme, then with gamestates, rules, GDNT categories, etc. Blognomic’s dynasties are games of their own, with the additional rule-changing qualities of Nomic. You kinda have to think of it as an entirely different thing with similarities to Nomic. Make sense?


05-07-2011 02:08:30 UTC

Below is a list of things I dislike about this proposal.  I’m still for  , these are just things I think should change, but don’t want to propose yet.

1.  Introduction of the keyword, “Empty.” It isn’t quite necessary yet, and I’d rather allow gladiators to move onto squares that are not Blocked, rather than only to squares that are not empty.

2.  Though it is strongly implied, I don’t see anything forcing players to update the Arena page when they change their location.

3.  I prefer “K0” over having an extra column in the GNDT.  Though I’d use “Locker” instead of “K0”.

4.  I’d rather have the definition of Valid Entry points be in “The Arena”, be called “Entry Points” (i.e., no word Valid), not have any requirements related to if it is blocked, and then have Gladiators be able to enter the Arena by changing their location to any Entry point that is not Blocked.  This does not materially change the complexity of the ruleset, but does make it easier to talk about Entry points later in other contexts.

5.  I think entering the arena should be a Main Action (as should movement, but this proposal doesn’t talk about that).


05-07-2011 02:12:39 UTC

I also don’t like that this rule contradicts the Arena, is it claims new players have no Location (by giving them a status of resting), whereas The Arena claims new players have a Location of K0.

Darknight: HE/HIM

05-07-2011 04:14:52 UTC



05-07-2011 09:43:09 UTC