Friday, February 05, 2016

Proposal: Imagination Is Even Funnier The Second Time…

Fails 1-1. — Quirck

Adminned at 08 Feb 2016 19:53:22 UTC

Amend the rule “Trouble” to replace “Each Child has a numerical amount of Trouble, tracked in the GNDT and defaulting to zero.” with:

Each Child and Imaginary Friend has a numerical amount of Trouble, tracked in the GNDT and defaulting to zero.

Enact a new rule “Idle Imaginary Friends”:

Imaginary Friends are either Idle or Unidle, tracked in the GNDT and defaulting to Unidle. For the purposes of voting and quorum, Idle Imaginary Friends are not counted as Children.

If a Proposal contains a provision that targets a specifically named Idle Imaginary Friend, then that Idle Imaginary Friend is considered to be Unidle solely for the purposes of enacting that specific provision.

Any Child may unidle an Imaginary Friend by posting a story post with the title “I believe in X” where X is the name of an existing Imaginary Friend and updating the GNDT.

When a Imaginary Friend is Unidled, their personal gamestate retains the last legally endowed values it had, if they are still valid. Otherwise the Imaginary Friend is given the default value for new Imaginary Friend for those invalid values, if such a value exists.

An Imaginary Friend becomes idle if no one is Best Friends with it and does not cast a vote on two consecutive voting matters it was entitled to vote on. Immediately prior to idling, the Imaginary Friend drops the ball (if it was holding it), loses any team affiliation and gains 3 trouble.

Imagination is crazy
Your whole perspective gets hazy
Starts you asking a daisy
What to do, what to do?



08-02-2016 17:53:28 UTC