Tuesday, June 28, 2016

In regards to deferential votes and random encounters

A deferential vote is treated the same as the Editors vote. Should the Editor be against a Proposal, and all deferential votes become against, this probably means they count towards the random encounter rule. So if you’re unsure about a proposal, you might be unsure about whether that player should be penalized for it. Consider adding “Nice try though” to deferential votes.

Then again, it is arguable whether the phrase “same as the editor’s vote” may well include vote modifiers such as that, and that the Editors choice to include (or not include) that clause is all that counts, as it might replace their own decision (a deferential vote implies trust in the Editors choice). Voting rules are, in fact, core rules after all. As such, feel free to discuss that here, so we may come to a conclusion. I’m not sure this quite requires a call for judgement yet, but it could potentially result in one.


RaichuKFM: she/her

28-06-2016 19:41:17 UTC

Random Encounters doesn’t actually modify voting rules; the ‘Nice try though’ or lack thereof isn’t actually part of the vote.

In fact, it doesn’t even run on Effective Vote Comments, instead the rather clumsy:

“However, if more than half the the Scribes who had their vote count as AGAINST on a failed proposal included the phrase “Nice try though” in the comments of that proposal, the other Scribes rescue them and no gold is lost or gained from that proposal.”

If you vote Deferential and the Editor votes Against, then your vote is counted as Against, and towards the various loss clauses; but whether or not you ‘Nice try though’-ed is completely independent of the Editor. It doesn’t even require it to be in your EVC; if you say ‘Nice try though’ in any comment to it, (even ones that aren’t your final vote, or even a vote at all) and your vote is counted as Against, it will be counted towards that clause. Similarly, if you vote Deferential and the Editor votes Against, and don’t say ‘Nice try though’, your vote will be counted towards the tally, and not towards the NTTs.

Amusingly, this has the effect of saying ‘Nice try though’ being completely irreversible, short of voting FOR (or DEF is the Editor has cast no vote); it’s a strict ‘No backsies’ policy.


28-06-2016 20:20:25 UTC

If that’s the case, I guess I’m worried over nothing. It probably wasn’t that huge an issue anyway.