Friday, March 10, 2006

IRC log for you all:

me and AG had this discussion over the IRC.  I thought it seems like a nice possible direction for the (meta)dynasty.  Submitted for your consideration…

AngryGrasshopper> Hello all.
Scaramouche> hi
Scaramouche> the dosh group proposal passed, you can go and roll yours…
AngryGrasshopper> Oh, goody.
AngryGrasshopper pops off to the main page
note: he rolled Ecodosh.  I’d rolled Postom and Bankford earlier.
Scaramouche> you pinko commie ecobastard.
AngryGrasshopper> Hah, I’d never have it any other way!
AngryGrasshopper> ;)
Scaramouche> We at Postom and Bankford have been around since long before this whole eco-thing happened, you know, and we’ll be there long afterward.  It takes a sense of tradition and an old, respected name to truly get distimming done in today’s society.
Scaramouche> (i really like this idea, can you tell?)
AngryGrasshopper> Hah!
AngryGrasshopper> We’ll have to draft some proposals on the theme, that could be interesting.
AngryGrasshopper> ‘sides, you’d probably distim so much we’ll have a ton of raving demons on our hands.
AngryGrasshopper> Capitalistic madness.
Scaramouche> posh.
Scaramouche> These demons are a myth concocted by the left to stop us from pursuing our rightful place in the dosh world.
AngryGrasshopper> Ach, tsk, wait and see.
Scaramouche> Have you ever seen a shiny demon?  No!  Of course not.
AngryGrasshopper> Hey, just because shiny demons are a theoretical possibility doesn’t mean that you should ignore them. ;)
Scaramouche> Theoretical possibility, right.  That means YOU DON’T KNOW!  That’s what a theory is!  I suppose these shiny demons evolved from monkeys while finding watches and peering through holes in the ozone layer!  Hah!



03-10-2006 03:59:25 UTC

Of course demons exist.  Ask the demon on the 3rd floor.


03-10-2006 04:03:52 UTC

The gostaks have presumably never been to the third floor yet.  Thus, in character, they might be merely a theory.


03-10-2006 04:06:46 UTC

It’s in the ruleset that the Shiny Demon Lord exists.  Therefore, e does.


03-10-2006 19:18:25 UTC

Yes, e does in fact exist.  however, the gostaks don’t necessarily know that.  you do understand the distinction between in-character and out-of-character?


03-10-2006 22:29:20 UTC

There’s no rule that prevents gostaks from knowing anything their players know.  Therefore…