Friday, August 10, 2007

Proposal: Items

Per the rules, a proposal should be failed if ‘It has been open for voting for at least 48 hours and has fewer than 2 valid votes.’. Despite having no against votes, without any for votes other than my own, this fails.—Clucky

Adminned at 12 Aug 2007 09:03:28 UTC

Remove the rule called ‘The Monkey Ball’
Add a rule called ‘Items’ which contains the following text:

Items are objects tracked in the monkey line which belong to the monkeys. Each of the items belonging to a monkey is listed after that monkey’s name in the monkey line. If an item does not belong to a monkey, it must be located in an empty position in the monkey line and that position must be marked in the monkey line section of the wiki.
Items may be gained in three different ways. When an item is added to the ruleset, unless otherwise stated, that item is given to the monkey in the first position of the monkey line. If an item is located in an empty position, the first monkey to move to that position picks up the item. Lastly, an item may potentially change hands from one monkey to another in accordance with the rules.
Each item has a size, a name, and a description. The size of an item is either massive, large, small or pocket-size. If an item is massive or large and the monkey holding that item moves to a different location in the monkey line, then the item remains in the old location. Large items may be transferred from monkey to monkey via other processes—massive items may not. If item is small then the item moves to whatever location the monkey holding it moved to, however, if e is moved to the barrel then that item remains in the monkeys old location. If an item is pocket-size, it remains with the monkey even if e is removed to the barrel.
The description of the item dictates how often the item can be used and what happens when a monkey uses it. Unless stated other wise, each item may be used as a weekly action.
The name of the item is what is listed in the monkey line.
Name: The Monkey Ball
Size: Small
Description: Whenever The Monkey Ball is used, the monkey holding it gains three bananas.
Name: Flaming Frisbee
Size: Small
Description: Whenever Flaming Frisbee is used, another position in the monkey line must be named. The Flaming Frisbee is transferred from the monkey holding it to the target position. If there is a monkey in that position, that monkey gains the flaming Frisbee but loses one banana(provided e has one). If there is no monkey in that position, the flaming Frisbee simply waits for another monkey to pick it up.
Name: Big Rock
Size: Large
Description: The big rock may only be used on a monkey adjacent in line to the monkey using the big rock. The monkey in the targeted position is sent to the monkey barrel and the big rock is moved to the targeted position.
Name: Good Luck Charm
Size: Pocket-sized
Description: When the good luck charm is used, the monkey holding it is placed at the end of the monkey line, even if e was in the monkey barrel at the item of its use.
Name: Banana Fountain
Size: Massive
Description: When the Banana Fountain is used, the monkey using it gains one banana. Instead of being a weekly action(and thus once a week), a monkey may use the banana fountain up to three times a week but no more than once per day.

Give the Monkey Ball to the Top Banana

For the Frisbee, rock and good luck charm, roll a DICEN where N is the number of active monkeys. Then place the item in position N.

Put the Banana Fountain in position five.

Add the following move to ‘doing the dance’

Name: Pickpocket n_A to n_B: Complexity 5. Roll a two DICE5s. If A – B (where A is the result of the first roll and B the result of the second roll) is greater than positive difference (n_A – n_B) and the monkey in position n_B has any non-massive items, then the smallest item whose name appears earliest alphabetically is given from the monkey in position n_B to the monkey in position n_A. If B-A is greater than the positive difference (n_A – n_B)  then the reference happens. (As an example: n_a = 3, n_B = 5. The dice result is 5 1. As 5-1 > 3, A steals from B. B has Massive item A, Large item B, and Small Items C and D. The smallest item is picked, and because C appears before D lexicographically, item C is transferred to A.)



08-10-2007 16:46:53 UTC

Two minor errors (I won’t vote yet so they can be corrected):

In Good Luck Charm: “at the item of its use”, I think you intend time.

In Pickpocket move: “then the reference happens”, I think you intend reverse.


08-12-2007 04:32:38 UTC

Does the monkey ball have any usage limit?


08-12-2007 16:02:04 UTC

Wow. 48 hours and no votes. No wonder that rule is in the ruleset.