Monday, November 16, 2009

Proposal: It’s alive!  It’s alive!

Failed, six to two. Josh

Adminned at 17 Nov 2009 12:31:28 UTC

Add the following to “Basic Spells”:
Spell: Animation
Activation sequence: “PUPA”
Effect.  Creates a non-Apprentice entity, called a “Golem” which shall be added to the GNDT order in such ordered position as the Apprentice who casts it (such Apprentice, the “Master”) directs.  The Golem shall be named %(G) (with “%” being substituted with the name, or an abbreviation of the name, of its Master.  A Golem has the Ward that its Master had at the moment of the Golem’s creation, and has an initial Workbench consisting of a single “X” rune.  Any action or effect that would result in changing a Golem’s Workbench instead destroys the Golem.

Golems can serve as additional protection against Spells that affect other Apprentices based on their position in the GNDT.  If the Master does not admin his own creation of a Golem, he should post a story post that describes where the Golem should be placed in the GNDT.



11-16-2009 15:37:21 UTC

against  Gives admins advantages.


11-16-2009 15:38:57 UTC

How so?


11-16-2009 15:40:54 UTC

It’s impossible for a non-admin to cast this spell.


11-16-2009 15:58:04 UTC

Nonsense—I’m not an admin myself.  Per my comment at the bottom, if you cast the spell but aren’t an admin, then post a story post that directs the admin what to do: but casting the spell in and of itself “creates” the Golem so that it’s deemed to exist as of the moment that the spell is cast, whether or not it actually shows up in the GNDT.


11-16-2009 16:05:42 UTC

against .  A “U” as the second Rune in the spell makes it nearly impossible to cast.


11-16-2009 16:42:05 UTC

Also, GNDT order is determined by date of addition to the GNDT; it can’t be chosen.


11-16-2009 19:59:06 UTC


Ienpw III:

11-16-2009 20:18:42 UTC

for Per Bucky.


11-16-2009 20:58:29 UTC

Did Ienpw just vote for… per Bucky?


11-16-2009 22:33:47 UTC



11-16-2009 23:22:24 UTC

DC: Yeah.  Nothing strange about that, though.  Bucky notes a consequence of this proposal, and votes against.  Ienpw, however, approves of that consequence and votes for.


11-17-2009 00:22:21 UTC

I was merely pointing it out in case he had clicked the wrong voting icon.


11-17-2009 02:54:06 UTC



11-17-2009 03:32:10 UTC

CoV for  for MPA reasons.


11-17-2009 07:15:05 UTC

for Bucky has a good point.


11-17-2009 09:29:31 UTC



11-17-2009 17:58:08 UTC

...but GNDT order is unchoosable…  against  CoV