Monday, September 08, 2008

Declaration of Victory: It’s always worth a try, a DoV by Qapmoc

DoV fails, Hiatus ends—arthexis

Adminned at 09 Sep 2008 08:49:38 UTC

Now this isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill DoV, it’s going to be a good one. One where I will try to convince you to declare me the winner even though I have in no sense of the current ruleset won.

My DoV comes down to two main focus points;

1) The rules for this dynasty haven’t been adhered to, I have seen people incorrectly gaining money on the GDNT (on more than one occasion) and gaining additional supporters through illegitimate BSs (breaking the once a day rule). Therefore as the rules have been broken, they are broken and they declare me the winner.

2) The agendas will create new rules which will be the building blocks of our next dynasty. These as we now these are listed on the Candidate agendas page (Hyperlink on right). If you look at what my agendas are, you will see that if I’m declared the winner, Blognomic will go into a contradicting meltdown (which I will stop after a day as I like this game to much to spoil it), and I just want to see it happen for a day.

So there are my reasons to be declared victorious. Sorry to have put the game into hiatus.



09-08-2008 13:56:21 UTC

against .

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see anyone declare victory on flimsier grounds than my first DoV, Smith’s counter-DoV or Lars Atomica’s counter-counter-DoV.  But declaring victory so that the game would be screwed up if it passes is an entirely new level of scrubby.


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09-08-2008 15:56:33 UTC

against And I think we should probably put in some kind of catch against someone with that kind of agenda from winning in a legit manner.


09-08-2008 15:59:37 UTC



09-08-2008 16:07:05 UTC

for hilarious failure


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09-08-2008 18:50:35 UTC

If I may, dropping a CoV just because some of the rules aren’t fully unbendable seems abit over the top. One thing about nomics that most everyone likes is that when a rule can be read in a couple different ways the game gets more interesting.

Ambi Valent:

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09-09-2008 00:45:05 UTC

23 minutes until we can kill this and move on =)


09-09-2008 15:42:23 UTC

Yeah, bending rules is part of the fun! Specially when you can make a point that your bending of the rules is actually correct!