Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Joining BlogNomic

Greetings to all. I, Sesquipedalian, hereby formally announce my intention to join BlogNomic. I also have a couple of questions regarding the rules.
1) Through what channel should I communicate Command actions to the UNSG?
2) The rules seem to allow any CIC to increase all their stats as high as they want whenever they want. Is that correct, and if not, how does one increase one’s stats?
Thanks in advance


Kevan: he/him

22-08-2017 17:50:15 UTC

Welcome aboard, you’re now formally a CIC and can take game actions. Quorum remains 4.

1) Any form of communication is valid, but the usual one is to send a private message within the blog software - click on Pokes’ profile and then the “PM” button to send a private message to them.

2) “A CIC may increase any of their Stats at any time, unless doing so would cause their Stats to exceed 100 in total.” - there’s also “If a CIC’s Stats total more than 100, any CIC may remove 1 from each of that CIC’s Stats which is above zero (excluding Recovery).” to bring things back down if they exceed 100 in other ways.


22-08-2017 18:03:31 UTC

Okay. That makes more sense.