Sunday, April 15, 2018

Joining the game

I become a Pawn. My name is Corona, nice to meet you all.

I do have some previous experience with nomics.
I have read the ruleset cursorily, but what puzzles me is that I couldn’t find a rule that decides on which of the boards is a new Pawn deployed.




15-04-2018 15:11:00 UTC

Hello again and welcome


16-04-2018 05:07:10 UTC

Hello and welcome. Your GNDT password will be sent shortly.
Quorum becomes 6.
In truth that pawn problem was a holdover from when players had a pawn on each board and we never fixed it since nobody has yet joined this dynasty. I’m just going to assign a random board for now and we’ll probably change it to either HomeBoard decides or at random.


16-04-2018 19:51:21 UTC

Hello Corona