Monday, April 20, 2015

Proposal: Ketchup Mechanics

Reached quorum / timed out 7 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 23 Apr 2015 09:18:38 UTC

Create a new rule, “Money”:

The Restaurant has an integer, non negative amount of Money - its Funds - measured in Starbucks and kept track of in the GNDT, in the References field of the Restaurant Manager. The Restaurant Funds default to 0.
If nobody has done so since the last Review was posted, the Manager or any Cook may increase the Restaurant funds by as many Starbucks as total Stars that were awarded in that Review.

Create a new rule, “The Cashier”:

The single Cook who was rated the fewest Stars (among those Cooks who were rated at all) in the most recent Review receives the chore of attending the Cash Register, and is thus the Cashier.
If the Cashier has not done so since the last Review was posted, the Cashier may take a single Expensive Action by deducting that Expensive Action’s price from the Restaurant Funds and then noting that they are taking that Action in a comment to the most recent Review (this comment shall also include the object(s) of the Action, if that action requires any).
Expensive Actions are listed here, together with their price in Starbucks and effects:
* Invite a Reviewer as Special Guest. Price: 5 Starbucks. Effect: That Reviewer becomes the next Reviewer, overriding what was stated in the most recent Review.
* Buy new Equipment. Price: twice the number of Active Cooks, in Starbucks. Effect: the Cashier adds a piece of equipment of their choice to each Cook’s inventory (they need not be identical pieces of Equipment). If a Cook has already 10 pieces of inventory, they receive nothing.
* Hang Curtains. Price: 8 Starbucks. Effect: Cooks may submit Recipes to the next Review as private messages to the Manager, as if they were commenting to the Review. (Volunteer Comments must still be comments)
* Employ a food taster on a Package. Price: 10 Starbucks. Effect: When posting the next Review, the Manager may and should publicly reveal the content of that Package.
* Employ a journalist to ask a specific Reviewer about one specific Characteristic of theirs. Price: 12 Starbucks. Effect: When posting the next Review, the Manager may and should publicly reveal that characteristic of that specific Reviewer.

Note that, with the exception of Curtains, this does not create differences between the information available to the various Cooks.


Darknight: he/him

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20-04-2015 21:13:34 UTC

I like the idea behind this, but I’d like your insights: Isn’t it very powerful to be able to change the Reviewer after other’s have already entered Recipes? After all, this favors watchdogs who check for these kinds of changes somewhat.

Maybe we should add a mechanic quickly that either delays the next Review by 24h if the Reviewer was switched or allows the exchange of Reviewers only in the first 24h of a review. Both would mean that a Cook checking once every 24h certainly sees the change of Reviewers before the next Review.

Still:  for


20-04-2015 21:55:36 UTC

Mideg: in my intention it would change the reviewer following the next one, but I messed up, I’m afraid.
I’m fixing that.

Brendan: he/him

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Kevan: he/him

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