Friday, April 28, 2017

Proposal: Let’s Get Playing

Self Killed. Failed by card.

Adminned at 29 Apr 2017 23:49:05 UTC

For each Manager with a positive non-zero starting cash value do the following:

Assign them a random image of Brains, Balls or Brawn, rolled in the GNDT.
For Managers that have less than two Bloggers, create new Bloggers for them as if they were created for an auction and add them to the Blogger Roster until they have two Bloggers.
Then for Managers that have two Bloggers, create a new Blogger for them and then set the their level to X. X is equal to either the sum of X and the levels of the other two Bloggers equaling 45 or 18, whichever is lower.

If we spend all of our time bidding, we’ll have no games to play. Note that the Bloggers are not added via an auction, so their level won’t change when added.
P.S. This guarantees that people who had some bad blogger rolls gets a level 18. And they can also bid on current autions or level up as some people are trying to add in the game.



04-28-2017 09:12:53 UTC

I think you need to clarify the X value.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-28-2017 11:40:30 UTC

against  They shouldn’t be free.


04-28-2017 12:26:39 UTC


Oracular rufio:

04-28-2017 17:51:52 UTC

against No to free bloggers, and I don’t understand what the last sentence is supposed to mean.


04-28-2017 18:02:39 UTC

Add the levels of the other two bloggers that exist, then add a number which makes that sum equal to 45, which is X. Then pick the lowest number of X or 18 and set the last Blogger’s level to that number.

[other two Blogger’s levels] + X = 45
or in other words X = 45 - [other two Blogger’s levels]


04-28-2017 20:51:09 UTC

against I will continue with sped up auctions though, so we can fill out soon.


04-28-2017 23:28:01 UTC



04-29-2017 17:06:07 UTC