Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Proposal: Lobbyist

1 to 7 after 48 hours. Failed By Derrick

Adminned at 28 Apr 2017 20:09:45 UTC

Add a section called “Lobbyists”. Within it, add:

Once during this dynasty, a Manager may opt to be a Lobbyist, by making a blog post that indicates such (Managers may be Lobbyists or not Lobbyists and default to being not Lobbyists). Lobbyists have an extra vote on all matters (denoted by an extra valid voting icon). Lobbyists may only submit proposals once per week

An option to opt for trading proposal power for voting power. I have no idea if this has been done before, but it seems very interesting to me, as a way to play which is new but still familiar.



04-26-2017 17:30:01 UTC

Random pointer: You can dodge the Popo if you keep your players roided up instead of keeping the PEDs as pills.

Just realized that now, no idea where to post it lol


04-26-2017 17:57:16 UTC

the veto is a little weak: a veto will at most delay a proposal for 72 hours or so, as an identical or near identical proposal can just be put up again.

This also strengthens passing, because I don’t think it affects quorum.


04-26-2017 19:33:41 UTC

OK. Removed the veto thing. Also, I believe that it strengthens failing as well? Since both are quorum-dependant.


04-26-2017 20:12:22 UTC

Reading the rules on passing and failing, and no, failing is not quorum-dependent in the same way. If there are 15 votes and quorum is 7, I need 7 votes for to pass a proposal. To fail a proposal, I need “less than quorum not voting against”, or in other words, 9 votes. normally, the two are the same number or one apart, but with this scheme they can get spaced widely apart.

Once 48 hours is reached, it goes to a strait comparison though, and here everything is on even ground.


04-27-2017 16:20:34 UTC



04-27-2017 17:42:39 UTC

[derrick] With 15 people quorum would be 8, you’d still need 9 votes against. I think I may have accidentally failed some proposals early.


04-27-2017 18:51:41 UTC


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-27-2017 23:49:55 UTC


Oracular rufio:

04-27-2017 23:49:58 UTC


Cuddlebeam, if you’d paid any attention to the posts on your original PED proposal, you’d know about that by now as it was one of the original complaints about that proposal.


04-28-2017 12:27:32 UTC



04-28-2017 13:31:02 UTC


[card] Increasing the number of votes doesn’t increase quorum. increasing the number of bloggers increases Quorum.