Friday, March 05, 2010

Story Post: Mad Prince’s Land Sale

I hear some of the Commoners have been clamouring for more Land! Well, I was never one to stand in the way of progress, but there isn’t enough to go round, so here’s the price I’m charging for a plot of Land:

  • An amusing and flavourful limerick, plus
  • having had a Coal ownership of exactly 9 at some point in time before you buy the plot (even if only for a few seconds).

All requests, limericks and purchases as comments to this post, please. This is a limited time offer, open for some arbitrary period of time between half a week and half a month!

It’s so hard to get good poetry these days…



03-05-2010 18:46:57 UTC

I have worked long and hard
Scraping through both my head and junkyard
To find a way to complete this offer
Without being reduced to a mere pauper

Through my own lines I saw the key
I could manage some trickery
As cheating here would mean no gain
And a good deal (I’m sure) of pain

I gave some rock to fellow Kevan
So that I wouldn’t be thought as craven
Bending law, without breaking it
Lest by the Mad Blade of Justice I be hit

I sent myself a gift of Coal
Thus managing to reach my goal
Some time back, I counted mine
And had no more no less than nine

Therefore by your royal decree
I hope, o Prince, that you agree
That some land should be awarded
To me who your challenge completed.


03-05-2010 18:49:52 UTC

@Roujo: That isn’t actually a limerick, but it’s certainly impressive.


03-05-2010 18:58:31 UTC

The Mad Prince himself scolded me,
As a limerick, my work wasn’t really;
  I humbly apologize
  Fearing for my own demise
And bowing to the ground, lowly.

“Might this one be of better form, Highness?”
I then asked, trembling from shyness
  The Mad One thought longly
  Analyzing my query
As I waited for a no or a yes.


03-05-2010 18:59:31 UTC

OK, you can have your plot of land, Roujo. (How are we tracking that, by the way?)


03-05-2010 19:10:03 UTC

Well he doesn’t currently have one, so you can just give him on in the GNDT, but then the fix proposal will get rid of it.

There are actually a couple of problems here, in that Kevan’s proposal will remove the legal basis by which people have more than one workshop. So, uh, this is an interesting tangle.


03-05-2010 19:14:41 UTC

I say we should propose a rule to explicitly allow multiple workshops, and to give a way to track them, which fixes workshop count to match what it “ought to be”.


03-05-2010 20:30:16 UTC

The latest mad act of the prince,
would make any commoner wince.
A novel machine
he thought a latrine.
His rear end has hurt ever since.


03-05-2010 20:58:39 UTC

Purplebeard gets a plot of land too. (Pity that the way the rules are going, it appears not to do anything…)


03-05-2010 21:20:23 UTC

@Purplebeard: Uhh… The way you did it, the trade cannot have been completed. You traded 120 Coal to yourself, meaning you had to subtract 120 Coal /twice/ from your stockpile: once for the “Offered Resources”, once for the “Sought Resources”. Since you have less than 240 Coal, you it is illegal for you to complete the offer since it would imply you had a negative amount of Coal at some point during the action. =P

This means you have to find the correct way to reduce your Coal to 9 if you want a plot of land. =)

Good luck!

P.S: I like your limerick (^_^)

Ienpw III:

03-05-2010 23:58:54 UTC

A commoner named Ienpw
Saw land sales and wanted one, too
A lim’rick he wrote
His coal store he smote
And landowners are now one less few.


03-06-2010 12:43:48 UTC

What do my poor eyes see?
A new land, just for me?
I just need to copy Roujo’s plan
and say “Im the prince`s best fan”
that’s the key!

God, I’m really bad in writng Englisch poems. -.- Also, I’m sorry for that illegal trade…

PS: And thanks to Roujo again, I copied your idea :)


03-06-2010 14:37:20 UTC

Land for Ienpw III and Keba too!