Monday, April 26, 2010

Manifesto: A vote for Josh is a vote for one of the following:

A jackalope is a fictional creature that resembles a rabbit with the horns of an antelope.

Not a jackalope. A vote for Josh is not a vote for a jackalope. Don’t be silly.

No, no: if elected, you’ll get one of two things:

1) BlogNomic Idol. Players will be encouraged to form groups or stand alone, in order to perform for Simon Cowell in every Friday’s Judging Round. The way in which the performing will be constructed is an open question - the dance mechanic from the last dynasty was possibly a bit dry in practice, but I like the idea of multiple actions peformed by multiple players combining to massive effect.

2) Puppetmaster dynasty. Reversing the Royal Blood mechanic and having a dynasty where the rules only affect the emperor, and the players are thus proposing cause-and-effect actions that oblige the emperor to act in specific ways. Arose in IRC the other day when we were talking about making proposing and voting more front-and-centre as a gameplay mechanic. This would probably need a more explicit theme; possibly Norse pantheon inspired, in which the players are deities and the emperor is some manner of mystical hero.


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