Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Proposal: Marauders

Quorume 9-0 -Darth

Adminned at 26 Aug 2009 15:21:32 UTC

Add a new rule called “Marauders”:

There are three types of Marauders: Fighters, Thieves, and Zombies.

Each day when a Marauding is Active, the Leader shall decrease the Food and Water by 2 times the number of Thieves.

Each day when a Marauding is Active, the Leader shall pick 1 Fallen Survivor for each Zombie. These Survivors become Infected.

As a daily action when a Marauding is Active, each non-Fallen Survivor may Fight one Marauder. When this happens, the Marauder ceases to exist. However, if the Marauder is not a Thief, the Survivor must make a Fitness Test. If the Fitness Test is Failed, the Survivor suffers damage.

Add a new subrule to Marauders, called “Maraudings”:

As a weekly action, if no Marauding is currently Active, the Leader may create a Marauding by making a Story Post with a title containing the text “[MARAUDERS]”. This Story Post is the Marauding, and is initially Active. The Marauding shall list all Marauders involved. If a Marauding has no Marauders, it ceases to be Active.

Finished Marauders.



08-25-2009 15:20:37 UTC

for Although instead of you picking who will be infected, it should be random. But that can be fixed by Proposal if we want.


08-25-2009 15:21:46 UTC

Argh, you commented just as I was editing it to make it so that Thieves can’t make there be negative F&W;. Better revert it.


08-25-2009 15:29:24 UTC

Idk, I think I commented after that but I’m not sure. Negative F&W;is ok, it just means that the zombie thieves sucked it out of our bodies.

Ienpw III:

08-25-2009 15:31:17 UTC



08-25-2009 15:32:17 UTC

There are no zombie thieves. Only regular thieves and regular zombies.


08-25-2009 15:58:45 UTC



08-25-2009 18:01:22 UTC



08-25-2009 19:20:20 UTC

for all hail zombie thief


08-25-2009 23:00:22 UTC



08-26-2009 00:53:36 UTC



08-26-2009 01:34:18 UTC

Zombie thieves. This dynasty is looking up already.


08-26-2009 02:32:43 UTC

There. Are. No. Zombie. Thieves.

Although I might propose some - they don’t fight back when attacked, but they zombify dead people and steal food.


08-26-2009 03:06:53 UTC

I think Zombie Thief should be the leader of the Zombies. He can fight off the aliens and save the human race from the Covenant.


08-26-2009 16:44:36 UTC

Qwaz: Why are you spouting gibberish?


08-26-2009 16:50:49 UTC

One more vote…


08-26-2009 17:09:44 UTC

Don’t worry about it.

This in fact needs 2 more votes.


08-26-2009 17:12:32 UTC

DC you need to fix your proposal fast. It still says 3 types of marauders, when there are 2 or 4 depending how you look at it.


08-26-2009 19:36:46 UTC

I would consider that a typo, but I fixed it.


08-26-2009 21:36:53 UTC

but this needs work: how exactly does one fight a marauder—is this done via a comment to the marauder post, or through the GNDT, or in some other manner?